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Baked Season Chicken With Sage

Baked Chicken

 Happy Tuesday readers today I want to share with you one of my down home meals with a little healthy on the side I love to prepare for the family. I really love cooking when I'm in the mood and the family raves about how I cook. I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but I have grown to become a pretty good cook over the years thanks to watching my mother as a child while she cooked.

I just loved the aromas from the kitchen of that southern cooking and I just loved my moms hot corn cakes and beans. My mother could make a meal from scratch and I have learned her ways. Any way I'm sharing with you some good ole southern cooking and you can make this meal to your own liking if you like. To start out for this meal you'll need potatoes, chicken ,lemons, butter, chicken season, and sage.

Chicken Sage

Let's start with the chicken 

I took leg quarters and cut them in half, washed them then put them in a baking dish, seasoned with chicken season and sprinkled sage over the chicken, then cut up 2 lemons and placed them over the chicken and then refrigerate until I did the potatoes. Next I cut up potatoes in little cubes, washed them and set aside and melted one stick of butter in the microwave, poured the butter the potatoes. Make sure you get the butter on all potatoes cubes then sprinkle chicken season over them or you can simply add garlic powder if you like. I then placed the food in the oven which was already heated at 350 degrees. Cook until chicken is done and nice and brown and potatoes are nice and done.


 Now you can choose to make a side dish if you like. My side dish was a nice salad and this set the meal off real good. You can exclude the potatoes from this dish and exchange for maybe mashed cauliflower, it's totally up to you. I enjoyed every bit of it and the family did also.

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