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I'm Down 60 Pounds!

Losing Weight

Boy I have come a long way! I love doing photo before and afters to see my progress and it's a huge motivator!. I had to try this dress on again to see where I'm at since I'm down to 290 now. My weight-loss buddy has set me to a Thursday goal of 289 and I know I'll hit that before Thursday. I have about 25 more pounds to hit my short set goal of 265 by August. The only thing I'm hating is the tummy, it's still big and hard to lose, but I'll try my best to get it down so i can wear this cute t-shirt dress my son bought for me. 


before after

I need for my waist to be snatched, I just wish I had the money to buy a #corset or #waisttrainer to see will that help. I can't believe how small I look in this dress now. So much room in it and is no long hugging me. I just be glad when I get get rid of the diabetes. I really need to find something to do during the day to keep busy, I would love to do some belly dancing videos to help with my tummy and maybe do some kickboxing. Even though I'm losing weight I still feel my old 300 pound body. Maybe it will get better after I lose more, but I can definitely tell my clothes are a lot looser. Pretty proud of myself for sticking to this journey.
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