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Activities To Try This Summer

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Its finally summer and the weather is really hot. It's a cool time to get outside and become more active. For me early mornings or late evenings For those of you that dread running, there are plenty of activities to try. There are lots of other ways to warm up those muscles and get your heart rate up. Whether it's a sport or activity you haven't done in many years or something you've always wanted to try, find something that's right for you to stay motivated. One tip however start at a comfortable level and ease into it.

 Try swimming Hit the beach or the neighborhood pool for some swimming. It's a great workout that's low impact on your joints, provides great cardio, plus strength training. You will need goggles, a swim cap and a bathing suit and some flip flops
Try biking

 Hit the road for a great workout on a bike. Engage your legs, your balance, your upper and lower body and save gas. You will need a new or used bike, and a helmet.
Try Yoga 

Another great core workout is yoga. Don't let all the ohms and ah's fool you, things can get pretty intense combining strength and breathing exercises. Still not convinced? Try one class and see how you feel afterwards.
Get outside

 Remember that a good foundation for physical activity is a healthy diet. You'll want the most efficient fuel for peak performance. Learn about the right proteins, grains and healthy fats that will help sustain energy and enhance your performance.

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