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The Queen In A Floral Dress

Floral Dress

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Yea I know I know lol! "The Queen In A Floral Dress" I called myself. Well I've been feeling pretty darn good to say it with this cute dress. This past Saturday I decided to go visit my cousin, the husband and I and I must say we had a good time catching up. I just wanted to get out the house for a while and for doing that my cousin gave me two new dresses she couldn't wear herself. This dress hugs my waist and you can tell I'm feeling confident in it. I love the color and the beautiful flowers and designs. I added a Greenish necklace and earrings my youngest son gave me for Mother's Day. I didn't wear any shoes because hey this dress say be free child! I've been losing weight for my health, but I still love having my thickness. Sometimes you just have to reward yourself for your accomplishments and mines was losing 51 pounds. I went from 350 to 299 and I'm starting to feel more confident in myself. I only wore this dress to take my photo for my portfolio, soon I will wear this dress out. I don't know when but soon lol! Anyway just wanted to show off my curves and new dress.
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