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Hi readers! I know it's been a while since I've posted. Sometimes things happen in life where you just have to sit back and figure things out. When I was younger like in my teens on up to my early twenties, my vision was perfect as in 20/20. I had no problems seeing things so crystal clear such as my fingernails up close, applying my makeup ect..., but since I hit my forties I noticed things had start becoming blurry and I couldn't see as clear as before such as words when I would read. I think some of it have to do with having diabetes and growing older.

I'm loving my new prescription glasses from GlassesShop, I recommend them because I've got my first pair from them a couple of years ago and I love show stylish you can go. They are the best glasses online and the glasses feel so comfortable to wear. I'm wearing the Adelaide Cat Eye glasses in Black and Floral and can see through these babies crystal clear and cost only $19.99. My reading vision is +1 with a PD of 55 mm. The glasses frame are so sturdy and light which you can barely feel them on your face.

Glasses Frames

My glasses came in a cute little Black box with a lens cloth to wipe the glasses when they get dirty. I'm really loving them and have gotten many compliments on how cute and stylish they are. You can check out their site for many designs from women, men and of course children at If you decide to order here is an cool code for 50% off with free lenses (sales frames excluded) GSHOT50. Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great week! 👓

(Update New Metal Eyeglasses)

New Arrival!  Shop NOW for metal eyeglasses at!

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