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My Photography Tips You Just May Can Use

Summit Shah

You can find beauty in almost anything when dealing with photography and the world is such a beautiful place to explore your creative side. In this article I will give you some of my photography tips you just may can use. If you are into taking fashion photos of yourself it's best to prepare ahead of time. 
What to Prepare for A Self Fashion Shoot 

1. A good camera. Make sure it's high quality for clearer photos 
2. Tripod. You will need this stand to make sure your picture taking is stable 
3. Make sure you know what you want to wear. It's always great to pick a scene that will make you pop in your clothing. Maybe a graffiti wall for Urban wear, maybe a park for a more romantic feel if you're wearing dress. Your imagination can make your photos awesome! 
4. Background theme. A location that will go well with your outfit. 
You'll need a camera with a timer on it that gives you time to position yourself. I usually set my for 10 secs because it gives me time to walk in front of the camera and pose. If you don't feel like running back and forth to push the self-timer button a wireless remote. While the remote is in hand pose and then click. If you don't want the remote shown in your pictures you can maybe place your hand behind your back. 
Professional Photography 
 Make sure you search for a photographer that fits your budget and their background that specializes in what you want. Many photographers have studios to take indoor pictures if you're not really into outdoor. You can also search for amateur photographers willing to take your photos in exchange just to build their portfolio, which is called (TFP) or ( TFCD) meaning "Time for print or "Time for Cd where they give you your pictures in print or cd.  An experienced photographer such as Summit Shah with over 10 years of experience specializes in capturing many beautiful moments in life such as family gatherings, weddings and wildlife to name a few. He goes beyond and know what his clients wants such as beauty, elegance, energy and class. If you don't want to go through all the searching, you can always get a friend to take your photos. I sometimes get my husband to take my fashion photos. Sometimes when I don't have the transportation to go to a location i'll just have him take my pictures near our home. Those are my photography tips and I really hope they will help you in starting out.

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