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Small King Dollar Makeup Haul

Small King Dollar Makeup Haul

Yesterday I decided to get out of the house and go shopping for some makeup. King Dollar is a store I rarely go to, but have a section in the store just for beauty needs. This blush palette caught my eyes and think the colors are so cute. Some of the colors are a little to light, but the top row I just may use. I did some swatches on my hand to see how pigmented they were.

hand blush

As you can see some are very pigmented and some are super light on my hand. In this palette the darker pink just may work on my cheeks, but I'm not really sure. I'm usually more into the darker blushes. If the palette doesn't work for me I'll give it away or just throw it away, after all it was only a dollar. I also bought some cute eyelashes, Which was a  dollar and being in the past I love King Dollar lashes. They are just as good as the bigger brands. I have such very small, thick lashes and use fake ones to accommodate my own.


After leaving the dollar store we went to our local grocery store and picked up some mascara. I found the L'Oreal brand. Now it says it adds super volume to your lashes with fibers. It has 2 steps  to achieve a great eyelash look.

eye mascara

For $9.96 it's okay, could be alot better with my super thinn lashes. Maybe I needed to add more to get more volume, but I will apply again soon. I just need to find that perfect mascara that will lengthen my lashes more.

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