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Get Beach Ready For $10 & Under

Beach Ready

I surely remember the time when I and my cousin wanted to go to a beach off somewhere beautiful. Mind you this was many years ago, maybe about 7 and even though it was a hard trip for me to plan, I pulled it off. I booked us a nice little condo on Corpus Christi beach with a nice little kitchen inside. It was beautiful and we had already shopped for out swimsuits. I bought a Black and Blue two piece and she bought a two piece also. It was such a great experience for us both as cousin to travel together and enjoy something beautiful for once in our lives. The air, the people and even the seagulls was so amazing. And omg! at night you can see a sky full of stars twinkling and just let our imagination take you away in the moment.

It was the best trip ever and we always wanted to go back, but you know when finances are in the way it's hard. Well the warm season has come around again and people are shopping bathing suits, towels, hats, ect.... I found some pretty swimsuits that are $10 and under.

The price changes as the sizes go into larger sizes

ARKRIR Women's Shoulder Belt Personalized Print Sexy Beach Or Party One-Piece Swimsuits

Pineapple Black
Pineapple White

ACEFAST INC Vintage Women Girls Floral Print Long Loose Kimono Jacket Coat Cardigan Blouse

White Green Swimsuit
White Green

Super Cat Eye Glasses Vintage Inspired Mod Fashion Clear Lens Eyewear

Other beach ready accessories (Beach Towels)

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