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The Fastest Growing Cities In Texas


How Major Cities are Fueling Texas’s Fast Population Growth

According to the US Census Bureau, four out of the top five fastest growing big cities
(population of 50,000 or more) in America resided in Texas.
The number one city on that list rests outside of Houston in the suburb of Conroe.
Between 2015-2016 Conroe experienced a population growth of 11 times greater than the national average.

Many have attributed fast population growth in Texas to the Texas miracle or the ideas that Texas’s laissez faire policies lead to immense job opportunities.
While Texas’s population did increase by 29% between 2000 and 2014, more than twice the nation,
job growth has only slightly kept pace
with population growth, meaning new jobs are often filled quick by newcomers and young people.

A Washington Post report attributes much of Texas's population growth to immigration and young families. The case could obviously be made that if people move to Texas believing in the Texas miracle, does it matter if it’s real or not. While foreigners and out-of-state residents have contributed to Texas’s population growth, there are many other factors at play here.

Why People are Flocking to Texas

Regardless of your take on the Texas miracle, Texas is a land of opportunity. In cities like Austin, projected annual job growth is 4.0%. Beyond this, living in Texas is generally cheaper than the rest of the nation, especially for its metropolitan cities.

In places like Houston, the ratio of median home price to household income is 2.9, while in San Francisco it’s 6.7. Home prices are generally cheaper as well. Homes for sale in El Paso usually sell around $150,000 while the national median home price is $263,800. With lower income taxes and fewer regulations, the state is very inviting for big businesses and entrepreneurs trying to escape heavily regulated states like California.

Texas also holds a comfortable mix of southern charm with big city pride. Between Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and the millennial favorite Austin, Texas has a number of major metropolitan areas to move to. Whether you’re looking for a legendary music scene, a quiet ranch, southern cooking, or a luxury beach to vacation to, Texas truly has it all. Take one trip to Austin or progressive Dallas and you’ll see that Texas isn’t all about cowboy hats, lassos, and thick colloquialisms. Although, Texas has that too.

In fact, look at Texas’s largest growing cities and you’ll understand how Texas is shifting as a state. The cities with the largest population growth are actually suburbs outside of its metropolitan areas.

Fastest Growing Cities in Texas



Between 2015 and 2016, Conroe was the nation’s fastest emerging city, growing from 76,362 residents in 2015 to 82,286 residents in 2016. Resting directly outside of Houston, this quant city still retains its southern charm in the midst of its big metropolitan neighbor. Between its unique architecture and cowboy boots, the Houston metropolitan area still remains a strange and exciting place for newcomers.


Just north of Dallas and Fort Worth, Frisco, Texas is a beautiful city with an exciting nightlife of its own. Many families move to Frisco to retain that small town charm, while still being a twenty minute drive from Dallas. Hosting some of the best schools in the country, Frisco is a safe and thriving alternative to Dallas for those looking to find a job. No wonder Frisco's population increased by 6.2% between 2015 and 2016.
Mckinney borders Frisco and lies just north of Dallas. With a population growth during the same period of 5.9%, Mckinney is undergoing a rapid transformation. Once the symbol of southern pride and conservatism, Mckinney's growth has transformed it into a fairly modern town. With greater housing availability than Dallas, people naturally flocked to Mckinney and Frisco as a safer and cheaper alternative to Dallas.



It’s no surprise that an Austin suburb would make the US Census Bureau's list among fastest growing cities.
Austin real estate is very competitive, leading many people to search for houses in Georgetown.
With a population growth of 5.5% between 2015 and 2016, Georgetown is a luxurious and wealthy suburb
within arm’s reach of Austin’s exciting nightlife.


Texas is exploding in population and its being led by its biggest and most exciting cities.
While many stereotypes exist about Texas, there remains a comfortable and charmful mix between
its more conservative areas and its modernized metropolitan areas.
It’s evident that Texas is leading the charge across the nation in innovation, entertainment, and,
as always, hospitality.
Even if the Texas miracle is a myth, people still flock to Texas everyday in search of better opportunities.

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