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Going From Perms To Natural Growth

Natural Growth

Well it's been a while. I know I mentioned that I will not be blogging until later in 2018, but the boredom is getting to me lol! So I will take this time today to blog on my hair " Going From Perms To Natural Growth". In the past I was addicted to perms to straighten my hair because I thought having straight hair was more manageable. I just didn't want to deal with being natural because the hassle and bassle of combing through thick, nappy hair. Even though I like perms, it did have some negative effects on my hair, especially the brand Dark & Lovely. That brand was good at achieving bone straight for me, but the ending of losing my hair made me learn a lesson. Also dying my hair Red made my hair fall out because of dryness. Anyway I had to do a big chop in June of 2017.

At that time after the big chop I would take care of my hair every now and then, but got really serious in November of 2017. I started moisturizing my hair more often, using coconut oil grease by Blue Magic and water. What I did was shampoo and condition my hair, pat dry a bit, greased my scalp, massage, then add coconut grease to the my entire hair and ends. I would also braid or plat my hair, then wear my silk hair cap to prevent breaking while sleeping.  Anyway I'm always I did a side by side before and after and it shows about a 3 month growth progress of taking care of my hair without perms.

It was so amazing to see the second photo of how healthy my hair looks. My hair felt really heavy in that afro lol! versus the first photo. I still had dye left over in it and it looked dry. Everyday I'm taking care of my hair naturally without perms. It's a very committed job but so worth it. I've also went in search of other ways to grow my hair and I found rice water. I read it grows the the super fast when you ferment it for at least 24 in water. They suggest organic rice, White or Brown.

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 After 24 hours drain the water from the rice. I pour mine in a spray bottle, after I shampoo and condition, I part my hair, spray in my scalp, massage and then spray all over. Now you can leave in as a conditioner or spray on your hair and let sit on your hair for about 30 mins to an hour with a plastic cap then rinse. Style your hair as usual after. I've notice that my hair has grown a bit more after a week of using the natural remedy. It's the vitamins and mineral of the rice that grows your hair. It goes to work right away once it hits the scalp and hair. I'm enjoying it so much that my husband now uses it. It can be used on all hair types.


I'm hoping when it grows super long that I will not have to wear wigs anymore. Thanks for stopping by. :)

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