Slow Fashion Transitioned Skirt Outfit + Linkup

Slow Fashion

 Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your Thanksgiving was a pleasant one. For me I baked a big turkey and delicious dressing and pecan pies. Even though it was just my husband , myself and my mother in law it was a good one. I'm sorry I didn't have my usual monthly linkup because I've been through so much lately. Anyway we are up and running again. Today I want to show off some slow fashion. I turned a recently bought skirt from Charlotte Russe for $4, which was on clearance at the time This skirt is no longer available for purchase. I wanted something new to wear so I took my scissors to this once really long skirt. I cut it into a slanted angle and gave it a brand new life. I really think it looks a lot better this way. The cutting isn't that perfect, but hey! so what, nothing has to be perfect all the time. I wore an old top I bought from Rainbow Shops months ago and added an old belt from City Trends.


Love how sexy and sassy I look in my old new outfit. I wore my new Grey pumps with this get up and the shoes only cost me $4 at on clearance. They were supposed to be open toe, but I just keep them anyway. I didn't want the hassle of returning them for more that I paid for them.

Size 10.5 only avalible

Today was such a gloomy day and was sprinkling, so I had to rush to take photos.

back skirt

side skirt



skirt fashion


Now on to this fashion party!


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