Looking Fabulous In Recycled Denim At No Cost!

Recycled Denim
Well as I've said in a past post about sewing my own clothes, I haven't really made anything yet, but I have worked on recycling some old denim jeans. I had an idea to cut up denim and trim it on my old Black sweater. I finally got on my sewing machine my mother in law gave me sewed away!. I also decided to make some stretchy denim pants into a skirt. I was skeptic if I could pull this look off because of the elastic waist, but I worked it out. Being a person who haven't used a sewing machine since I was a teen in high school, I made a boo boo on the sweater and almost gave up lol!


I took the waist trimming of the denim and pinned it to the neckline of my sweater and also lined the bottom sleeves with denim. I really didn't need a necklace because the piece around the neck makes a bold statement. I have so many ideas on my next project, which may be a dress I'll make. Also I'm in the works of getting with my cousin to make her fashion designs. I was asked to model in January for an upcoming fashion show and to get my outfits together. I may just make some outfits and have someone else to model them on the runway. I want to be the photographer of the show instead of being in it, I haven't really decided yet. Anyway since it was cold out, this outfit s perfect to wear without a jacket because I was pretty much feeling cozy and sassy. Back to the skirt, it was a little frustrating cutting and adding the piece in the middle, but I think I did a pretty good job. After I finished it I ironed it out and boom! I have a skirt.

old jeans


This reused, new outfit didn't cost me a cent and I have something to wear out. What made me smile is my mother in law said you're going on a date lol! of course with her son, my husband. So there you so a fresh outfit and I felt pretty cute in it. I wore my booties and it all came together.




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