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Refashion In Business Woman Clothing + New Booties

Today I just felt like digging into my closet and dressing up like a business woman. Even though I'm not working at this time, this outfit would be something I'd wear to the office. Maybe secretary or boss lady wear. Now the cute blouse I'm wearing I got from a free garage sale at a church I went to about 2 months ago. I love the Greenish, Blue stripes on it. Has a nice big collar and long sleeves. It was very cool today in Texas, so it was a good time of the day to wear it. I added my necklace , Which matches with my blouse. I shopped the necklace at Amazon at a cheap price. It was about $3.


Business Woman

I'm also wearing some Black suede jogger pants that my mother in law bought for me last year at a garage sale and I think they go so well with the color of my blouse. Of course Black goes with almost anything lol! I added my Black booties to complete the outfit, Which I bought from Amazon for $16.92 and the shipping for free. They are true to my size 11 feet and comfortable to walk in.


I was happy with my purchase and thinking of getting more soon in other colors. I saw some Pink one I would love to get lol. I'm a budget shopper and it's a treat to get myself sometimes here and there when there are no bills for the month. So yea this is my business woman look right from my closet. I have so many things that can go with my booties. At first I was going to wear this long blouse I have as a dress with my boots, but decided to wear pants instead for a business look.

Pants and shoes



Thanks so much to see my outfit I wore for the day. Remember even old clothes can be turned into something new. Refashion, Reuse, Turn into something else. Have a great day! :0

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