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Ways To Keep Your Baby Safe In A Car Seat

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Baby Car Seat Saety

Safety For Your Baby Is Very Important

Safety is everything when it comes to protecting your baby. I remember the first time I became pregnant at the age of 18 years old, I was living with my mother and brother and my mother pretty much had to struggle with us. With a new baby on the way we had to put our heads together to get clothing, food, diapers and the most important a safe, reliable car seat. Now as you know the hospital informs you that you must have a car seat to take your baby home. They also tell you how to apply the car seat, which is to face it in a rear position.

Babies are at a higher risk in car crashes because their spine are still developing and their head is bigger than their little body. So if you face them in a front position could stretch the spinal cord and cause serious injury or death. Facing the baby rear-facing in a child safety seat helps support the upper body, head, neck and spine.


What Are The Ways To Keep Baby Safe

You baby should remain in a rear-facing position until the age of 2 years old or until they reach the highest weight or height.

Always put your infant facing rear in the back of the car to avoid injury in case of passenger airbag releases during a crash.

Shoulder straps should lay flat in a straight line without being loose.

The harness must be a snug fit and will not pitch the fold in the harness.

These are a few precautions for safety. Check out cars.com for more on car seat safety checks.

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