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Upcoming Music Artist Ramadan “Rama Don” Hazziez God Seed Enteriantment

Rama Don

Hi everyone! Today I want to introduce you to a fellow classmate that's about to make waves in the music industry. We are both from a small town called Navasota Texas , a historic town infused with a lot of history and known for it's Blues festival . Two men rose to fame one being Mance Lipscomb and Joe Tex.

Who is Rama Don?

At the age of 6, he lost his father legendary singer and songwriter Joe Tex who gave him the 
Muslim name Ramadan Hazziez. Later on in his career, he now goes by the name Rama Don. At the age of 14, when Twista hit the scene in 1990, that he became interested in rapping and performing. More as a hobby at that time, Ramadan went through several stage names such as Shiek-Man, Guillotine, Sub-Zero and C-Ride. In 1994, he formed a trio rap group with some friends from his hometown of Navasota, Texas who took on the name of Bonifide Roughnecks. In that same year, one member disbanded and the trio became a duo called Twin Glocks which ended shortly after. In 1995, Ramadan performed at his junior/senior prom

Exactly one year later, Ramadan started working at Power 94 radio station and also a radio station in Prairie View, Texas. He got the chance to meet Rome, Cheeky Black, Heather B. Mista, Junior Mafia, the late Pimp C and other artists. He was chosen to interview Madd Hata and Eastsiderz. During that time is when he fell in love with all things music from the business side to music editing.
In 1998, Ramadan set out to take the music industry on professionally. As he continued to write and hone his craft, he got to perform in Edington, Georgia in front of a large blues and rap crowd and at a local night club all in one night. In 1999, Ramadan started recording his six track EP mix tape titled “Status: Playa Made.” In 2002, a new creative chapter opened up for Ramadan and a sci-fi thriller was born, about the whole ending when little boy turns six. For the next several years, he continued to write songs and record while working on the sci-fi thriller. In 2013, Ramadan came up with the author name Charles Logan. The first edition of his novel “Six” was completed and printed in 2014. In 2016, Ramadan started recording his mix tape titled “40 And **** It.” The 20-track recording was completed in five months. In mid 2016, Ramadan completed 29 more chapters to complete a full novel.

In 2017, Ramadan performed at the Coast 2 Coast mixtapes worldwide event in Dallas, Texas. His brand began to elevate by creating beats, filming and editing videos for himself. “Navasota (remix)” was his first self-produced video, which included a self-produced beat. “Born TA Grind” (trailer) was self-produced and dropped shortly thereafter. Inspired by his late father Joe Tex's hit titled “Aint Gone Bump No Mo' With That Big Fat Woman”, Ramadan created “Still Bumpin'” and a video in tribute to his dad titled “Daddy's Prayer”.
This young man is going places, a very hard worker and never gives up on what he sets his mind to. As I've know he's always been a very talented person. I remember us in art class in high school lol! All the beautiful art he produced and also a book author. Make sure to keep an eye out for his upcoming single "Born To Grind" September 30, 2017, Which is on his birthday. I'm so proud of my town and the talented people that come from there.

Born TA Grind

To check out more about Rama Don check out his socials .

*Facebook fan page for my music- http://www.facebook.com/ramadon22
http://www.ramadon.net/ *Twitter-@rama_don22 *Instagram-rama_don22 *Soundcloud/mrhazziez *YouTube-Ramadan Hazziez *Facebook fan page for my book, 6: The Curse and The Prophecy-paranormal thriller.

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