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The Lady In Red πŸ‘— Wearing A Homemade Top As A Dress

Red Dress1

The Lady In A Red Dress

Boy did I have a hard time trying to take my own photos lol! The camera just had a mind of it's own
when I pushed the self timer, so excuse the blurriness and I hope you can see what I'm wearing. Well today I wanted to play around with this Red top, which my mother made for herself and passed it on to me. It had long sleeves, which were to tight for my arms so I decided to cut the sleeves and make this top a little Red dress. I added my colorful scarf, which also have Red in it and add my magazine tote I think this outfit idea of mine is so cute! This thick women is showing off her legs with no shame honey! I love it! I've worn this top before with Black wide leg pants and it was cute like that too.

I would totally wear this little get up out on the town with my husband. It speaks sexy and sassy Sorry I didn't show my White heels, I got so frustrated with my photos not being clear enough so just posting on what I got. This dress can be a party outfit also and maybe next time wear some leggings with it.

Red Dress2

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I added my cute, bold ring with this outfit, which was purchased for a dollar lol! yea cheap but fashionable. I can't wait to show more fashion to you all I'm just getting started with the homemade clothing. Turning homemade things into new things is so exciting. And as I've said before I will be making my own outfits so watch out for that. Fashion is so freakin fun and I love exploring it and sharing it. Thank you all so much for by to see what I had to share.

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I have many other designs on tops and leggings. Have a great weekend!

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