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Used Oufits + Fashion Recap + Cousin Fashion

Fashion Recap

Last week was so fun with my mother in law, a few days before she asked me if I wanted to go to the church up the street from her. She told me they were giving away clothes for free, more like a free garage sale. Anyway I immediately said yes because I needed something different to wear. That Saturday, we woke up around 7am and headed for the church. I tell you there was a pretty good amount of people waiting in line. After about a few minutes we were welcomed inside.
Mind you the clothing was in this small building beside the church, more like a trailer building, but very spacious inside. They had men, women and children clothing. I went right for the racks and found some pretty good outfits such as a skirt set, pant set, and several blouses. I love the outfit I have on in the photo. I paired the Black pinstriped pants with a Blue blouse for a workplace outfit.


I also found some beautiful necklaces, I love this bold, Silver looking necklace I wore it to bring out the blouse. Then there were so many shoes under a table , I found one pair that I could wear, Pink pointed toe flats, Which added some more color to this outfit.



Never in my life have I ever worn pointy shoes! but they look so cute on my feet. They wasn't in the best of shape, but I will wear them again once I super glue the bottoms because they were talking to me lol! I never was that much into garage sales because you have to wait in line or someone is always grabbing the good stuff you have your eyes on. Anyway I'm glad I took that day to get out of the house and do some free shopping.



Fashion Recap 2017

I've been blogging since 2015. I started out with just posting high heels and just got bored with just doing that. I wanted to do more with my blog such as posting myself wearing outfit, but I was so self conscience in doing so because hey, I'm not fancy, not rich and felt no one would want to take the time to see what I had to wear. I would see these beautiful fashion bloggers with these beautiful clothes and wish I had the income to buy what they had. I learned Trina you be you and just take a chance you never know, so I took that chance this year and posted my first outfit from out my closet and to my amazement I got a few comments. I let my weight get in the way of doing what I really loved, which is fashion. After that first post I felt confident enough to do another and another. Even though my blog is not where I want it to be right now, I'll keep on pushing until I get there. Life is about taking chances and being bold and free.

Cousin Fashion

I just love my favorite cousin Subrina her and I are so alike in so any ways. People always say we look alike, they call us kissing cousins lol! She loves fashion just as much as I do. She also draw up these unique outfit visions she has in her head and want to someday get her vision out there in the fashion world. It's hard trying to get your ideas out there when you don't have the resources. Hey I know I can sew, but I'm not a pro at it or I'd surely help her out in that department to get her creations out there. Well Subrina came over to spend the night and we had such a girly girl time dressing up and had a few brandy's lol! afterwards we made dip and watched movies. Can't wait to have her over again. Anyway today I took her fashion photos of her in this cute, cold should dress from Burlington for about $13. I let her wear my flower necklace and cute, new pair of shoes, which I haven't worn yet. This dress can be worn to a party and you can dress it up with high heels and a clutch. Or dress it down with flats or flip flops for a more causal look to the park


Fashion post


Her bubbly personalty always shine through when she's in photo's. You can tell a person's personality, especially when they smile big. When I'm feeling down, she always cheer me up with crazy jokes lol! Hope you guys have an awesome Saturday and please don't forget to subscribe to see what I'll post next.

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