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I Used To Be A Romance Novel Junkie

Have you ever just fantasied about being the woman in the Romance Novel?

Romance Novel

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Boy did I!, but only when I was a very lonely young woman at the time. I already had one small child by a boyfriend or was he really boyfriend? I met him when I use to spend the night at my aunts house as a teen girl, him and her were cousins, but that's for another story. Love was so hard to find back then, and being a mature 19 year old, I wanted a true relationship filled with love, romance, passion! I've always been marriage minded person. Guys my age back then were just not ready for that type of commitment. There was so many nights I laid awake fantasizing about the perfect man and often cried of loneliness, not until my mother who also was lonely introduced me to what she was reading.

Now I wasn't the book type reader because a thick book always intimidated me, I felt hell why would I waste my time reading all that lol! She told me the book she was reading was hot! and a good story, she went on to tell me what was happening in the story. Being a teen and hearing your mother tell the details of a romance novel, was kinda embarrassing, but I listened. She asked me would you like to read it when I'm done? I said yea. It was a Harlequin romance book. When I read my first Harlequin romance novel I was hooked! The mystery, love, lust and the hot sexy guy in the story had me hooked. I started ordering my own books and would just drool on the titles I picked for myself. I never read the books during the day, but at night when I had put my child to bed in his room, then I headed impatiently to my room, put on the the nice dimed lamp, jumped into bed, covered up and started to read. I would read for hours and hours with a few minutes break to get up and have a drink or snack lol! I wish I can remember the titles of all the books I read back then, but I do know, I loved reading about the hot Fabio Lanzoni types , long haired dudes on motorcycles or Barbarians in a faraway land. Those kinds of books got me into long hair fetish (Shhh! don't tell anyone lol!).

I also loved ready about millionaires, western and murder mystery romances. I tell you those books kept me entertained in my dire loneliness. It took me about 3 days to finish a book and I would just pick up another and another fascinated with the stories and how they made me feel. I felt sexy again after having a child, I felt hope that I would find someone to love me for me and not just wanting to jump in the sack and then leave. Those kind of books got me through tough times I tell you.

Romance Novels
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Harlequin was a nightly read for me until a cool guy name came into my life. He was everything I was looking for in a guy. He was sweet, giving, loyal and accepted my child. We had plans on marriage after 2 years in a relationship.  We had hot passionate sex, and romance and mind you he was well endowed lol! Did I just say that? lol! Well we are all adults here. I would play the roles in the book on him and had him wrapped around my little finger. The praise I got from him just made me throw it on him even more. Have you ever been so daring and had sexual relations outside? Well we did that, the feeling of getting caught was an adrenaline rush!. All was well until he started lieing about things and after a while I had to let him go. I did miss all the good times we had, but I just didn't need a fake person in my life, being good in the beginning then change after a while. So I went back to books, this time audio books where I would hear the stories from a cassette tape. The sound of a sexy guy speaking in my ear was so arousing. I remember his sultry voice and him climaxing in my ear. Now if this part to much for you lol! Please by all means stop right here. I literally climaxed just hearing him and I didn't even have to touch myself lol! the power of hearing stuff like that. I was so addicted to this stuff. As time went on and on and met other guys and dated, the feeling I had for these types of book went away. I want to know have any of you guys read romances based on being lonely? Do you read hot romance being married or in a relationship?

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