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A Not So Traditional Wedding + Interview

Who says a wedding has to be traditional?


What is a traditional wedding?​

​To me the woman that wears a White dress, she plan for months, gather up her close friends as her bridesmaids ect... I've heard that when a women wears that color White she is presumed a virgin, untouched by a man . Even though I wore White in my first wedding, I was not a virgin lol! far from it then. But my second wedding I wore a Beige dress I bought online from David's Bridal. I felt I didn't have to be so traditional. It's was a small wedding in my home town of Navasota Texas. I planned it 2 months before getting married. Well today I ask my favorite cousin some questions on being traditional and non traditional. She is soon to be married to the love she has found after all these years. In this interview she'll tell you her thoughts, what she will be wearing and I will put my two cents in on outfits I've picked out as an idea. We have talked a bit about what she wants to wear, so I hope you really enjoy

​Meet Subrina


I love this women, we have been the bestest cousin since we were children. She's such a beautiful soul, funny as heck and just down right sweet, but don't let that fool you, even though she is all those things she will tell you how she feels in a second lol! Okay on to the interview!

What's your definition of a traditional wedding?

My definition of a traditional wedding begins with who you are, your personality and what makes you, you. If you're feeling retro you dress retro, if you're feeling Gothic you dress Gothic. Whatever you feel that's what you wear on your special day. You can dress however you like if you put your mind to it based on your personality. Let's say  if you are bubbly you dress bright. You don't have to be so traditional because society thinks it should be. Another thought on the traditional wedding outfit is white when a  woman that has never been married wears it. That is a tradition, it is not biblical it is a tradition in history when a young woman wears White.

What does it means to be none traditional in this day and time?

Well as you know being yourself does not float well with a lot of people you just have to be a person to stick to what you believe. You can't allow people to dictate to you, it will only make you unhappy . I'm the type of woman that wants happiness and will go after happiness no matter what others say. Sometimes people get all in your business and tell you what you should wear, Heck no! I wear what I feel even though it may not fit into others perspective on what a wedding should be like. Heck you see on television, people jumping from planes getting married. You see all types of non traditional weddings in many colors and I say more power to ya! lol!

What will you be wearing in your upcoming wedding?

My upcoming wedding will be Black, diamonds and silver possibly diamonds on my Black choker. My dress will be black and short with maybe lace trimming, some Black Hercules strap-on high heel sandals to showcase my thick, beautiful legs, and Diamond studd earrings. I haven't really thought on my bouquet color yet, I'm still in the planning phase of that.

Do you have any advice for my readers?

Yes my advice to the readers is be yourself don't be ashamed of who you are or your personality don't let tradition keep you from being the best fashion artist you can ever be. Everyone has a fantasy draft or a fantasy the way they want to wear their clothes in their wedding and I think you should be allowed to be who you want to be. 

I think Subrina did pretty good in this interview,with it being her first time. Now on to the outfits I picked out for her. I hope she likes them and decide to go with some or just gather some ideas as to what she wants.

Outfit 1

Goth Elegant Wedding

This is my first choice for Subrina, elegant, but with a Gothic feel. A Chiffon dress in Black, above the knee length to show of her legs and to wear with the Black laced up gladiator sandal heels. I added Silver accessories such as a cute tiara, studded diamond earrings. She mentioned to me before about wanting a Jacob's ladder choker, so I found one similar. I added a flower bouquet to add in some color. I think she would look so beautiful in this dress even though it's a bridesmaid dress.

Outfit 2

Goth Sassy Wedding

Now I thought this strapless gown was a cute choice, but with Subrina being heavy chested, she may go for this dress or not. It has a sassy Goth feel, I added back in the strappy sandals, diamond studd earrings, the tiara and a different choker. I also added a very colorful flower bouquet to make this outfit pop more. So these are my pick ideas for her. I can't wait to attend her wedding and start shopping for a dress or I just might make me a dress since i's been a long time. Well I hope you all enjoyed the post and hope you come back again. With that being said have a blessed day and thank my cousin so much for the cool interview. Don't forget to subscribe, it makes me happy! :)

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