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TShirt And Skirt + Linkup

TShirt And Skirt + Linkup

T shirt l Skirt

This post contains some affiliate links in which, when you click on them I get paid a few cents. They are links exact or similar to what I'm wearing. Clothes are purchased with my own money.

Hi everyone! I hope you guys are having a blessed Friday. For some of you, today is the last day of work for you to get jiggy with it lol! as in parrrtay! or going on a ate with some friends or spouse. Today I'm hosting the "Beautiful Style" Linkup Blog party with my fellow blogger Gigi. Anyway, today is a great day to showcase my outfit I bought from Charolette Russe. As you've already seen in a previous post, I posted about an idea how I wanted to pair the skirt and football t shirt. Well, here you go! I think it looks pretty cute on me. Even though the high heels, a necklace and clutch I matched it with wasn't available to me, I just added what I already had. I didn't have the funds to purchase new heels so I did my old wedding heels. I went to my local Walmart and purchased some scarf yarn, which was about $3 and glammed them up.

TShirt And Skirt

As for the tee I couldn't find big enough letters like in the collage, so Walmart had the letters I have on the t shirt I'm wearing for $0.97. When you love fashion as much as I do, you will find ways to make an outfit work. I really love the skirt because even though I'm a big girl, I have a nice little waist in it that gives me more curves. The fabric as like a rough, soft feel, but flows lovely. The color is a pretty calming color for this Texas weather and trust and believe it's hot outside today. The skirt is out of stock in Gray, but Black is in stock for. You can maybe wear it at night when it's much cooler outside. I added some blush Pink sunglasses for $4, Which was on clearance.

Nice rack, huh? lol! The letters are cute, but also was peeling a bit, so during my photo shoot break, I had to press on them to keep them down. After all they are stickers and couldn't find any iron on letters. Anyway, since I don't have anywhere to go, I'll be wearing this outfit again, maybe on a date with my husband somewhere. A movie would be great since they are playing some good ones this weekend. After that dinner and then a long car ride through the city. The College lights are so beautiful at night along Texas Avenue and I fall in love every time I see them.


football tee



This shirt also looks cute outside of the skirt. What I did was pulled up the skirt a bit to make it shorter, Cute! Maybe some sandals could go with the outfit or pumps to. Anyway this is my style and fashion to me have no boundaries, go with what you feel and that I did do.  Today I'm featuring a fashion blogger I saw on someone's linkup and she had the same idea I had t shirt and a skirt. So she is my favorite outfit pick this month.

The Kontemporary
Meet Kristina of The Kontemporary. I love her quoted tee and fringe skirt with sandals. Please go over and visit her.

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