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Outfit Idea With Charlotte Russe

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My own little style. Football tee, midi skirt, heels, glasses , necklace and clutch. I purchased the shirt and skirt from Charolette Russe, Skirt was on sale for $4.99 (Shoes and necklace are ideas). I admit it, I like doing fashion different. Even though it may not make sense to others, it makes total sense to me. Well I was happy to have made a little shopping money from website testing and went in search for a skirt and tee shirt to add on to it. The women's football tee was $14.99 and the skirt, which I said was $4.99 and it's out of stock. (UPDATE) It's still on sale, but in size 2x Grey. I'm so happy that I ordered it before they ran out of my size 3x. Charolette Russe have some pretty good sales going on right now from sandals, sneakers, heels ect.. for plus sizes.

When I get the tee I want to add my blog name on it to add some uniqueness. I figured making the color of the words Pink, then try and find myself some Pink heels to bring this outfit out. The White clutch is from Newchic, which would go great because it's light to carry and this outfit doesn't speak heavy handbag. I love the magnifier glass necklace, it's bold and cute. I may purchase it or just find a necklace in one of my walk in shopping store. Sunglasses I thought would go good with this outfit also, big is in honey! and last, high heels in Pink. I'm not ready for the higher heels yet, but at the moment two to three inches is a more reasonable height. I would love to wear my creation to a family event or a date with my husband. I feel this is a day and night outfit. Also can be worn out with the girls and having a delicious cocktail. Any hoo! I hope this gave some of you ladies some ideas on what you want to wear out next. The tee and skirt is not a new trend, but hey who says you have to kick the trend to the back of the closet lol!

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