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4 Sexy Half Wigs To Wear

Half Wig picks for any occasion

Half Wigs

Who is Black HairSpray?

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are completely my own.

​Black HairSpray is an e-commerce company for all your hair care needs, such as half wigs, weaves, braids, ponytails and beauty supplies. They are an authorized dealer for many top brands I love such as Milky Way, Freetress Equal, Sensationnel, Outre, Model Model, Isis Collection and  Zury to name a few. Their main goal is to provide a very large selection of hair to women with fast and convenient shipping and the best customer service in the industry. The also offer 30 day hassle free return policy if you are not completely satisfied.

What are half wigs
They are in half form with hair attached to a mesh cap. You can blend your own hair for a fuller look. Okay let's say you want a laid back look with a long half wig. Part your own hair like parting a big bang, brush that bang forward, clip the hair onto your own hair then comb back your bang over it. There are many styles and ways to blending in your own hair to a half wig.

​I've always been a fan of wearing wigs and weaves and been wearing them for many many years. I got my first weave when I was only 15 years old. Back then girls in my high school wore them and I so wanted to be in the trend along with them, so I had my mother do my hair, from that first weave I fell in love. Half wigs are the bomb! They provide you with many options to add in your own hair. Here are my picks from 4 sexy half wigs that you can wear for any occasion.

 Half Wigs

 2 Long Half Wigs Picks

Vivica A. Fox Half Wigs
FHW-Sophia- This sexy half wig comes in several colors from Jet Black, Medium Brown, Black Cherry and many more colors. Wear it as a whole or blend with your own hair. Soft mesh for ultra comfort. I love the fierce, but soft curls in this half wig. Can be worn on a romantic date or go right into party mode.

Vivica A. Fox Trinity Half Wig

​FHW-Trinity- Comes in many colors such as Black Cherry, Blonde, Dark Brown, Medium brown and Cabernet, Cabernet is gradual mix ombre color with the colors medium Red wine on the top, dark Red wine on the bottom. Sexy business woman style or date style. Add your favorite accessories and outfit for a complete look.

2 Short Half Wigs Picks

Short Half Wig

Karen- Come in so many pretty colors and out of those colors are a mixture of Red and Black. This short wig is above the shoulders for a short summer look. It brushes inwards to give you a cute next door girl look. I've worn these types of wigs and if you have a fuller face, it gives you a much trimmer look in the face.

Short Nostra Half Wig

Nostra- This wig is so cute and has a classical feel to it, It comes in Dark Blue and Dark Purple. Has nice tight like curls and is about mid neck length. I say this one can been worn out on the town to a Jazz club, with a nice pencil skirt with a belt and cute sleeveless top. Add in some super high, high heels and you're set.

These are my top sexy half wigs from Black HairSpray, Which provide high quality and affordable prices for your hair needs. They are beautiful, sassy, sexy and chic. Thank you guys so much for stopping by to read my content. Have a blessed day and please don't forget to subscribe for fashion, tips, beauty and lifestyle.

​Check out BlackHairSpray for your beauty needs http://www.blackhairspray.com 

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