There's Something About Cameron Diaz Heels

You may know Cameron Diaz from such movies as "There's Something About Mary", "The Mask", and recently "Annie"Which are three of my most favorite movies. I had no idea she could even sing. She's beautiful, stylish and very liked by many and also a former model. Today I wanted to find a heel that a celebrity was wearing and found a photo of her on Delicious.

When I saw the heels she was wearing I had to search the internet to find something similar but nothing until Shoes Of Prey just popped into my mind lol! The last post I made was on customizing high heels through Shoes Of Prey and this got really interesting to me. So I hopped on over to the site and start designing and wow!  I made heels exactly what she was wearing, It was easy as pie.

Cameron Diaz Heels

As you see in the photo she has on heels that are Black suede, Gold soles and Red and White pinstripes. I like the fact that I could thicken the heel stem and add in those cool designs. Wear these heels with a pair of hot skinny jeans, cute blouse of your choice and a cute clutch for a night on the town.
customized shoes of prey heels

customized shoes of prey heels

customized shoes of prey heels
I'm so happy with the outcome, they are perfect and are marvelous honey lol! If you want a celebrity styled heel, Shoes Of Prey is the place to customize it. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my post I really hope you enjoyed it.       Shoes Of Prey

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