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RockinBeauty 3D Lips With Led Light And Mirror

Rockin Beauty Lipsgloss

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In Hot Chocolate Design Shoes Mary Jane Flats shoes Shoes for Women. Unique Mary Janes

Hot Chocolate Design Uniquely Cute Mary Jane's

Breakfast Mary Janes

Hot Chocolate Mary Janes

Omg! I would totally wear these adorable, Watermelon Mary Janes (Chocolaticas Patilla). They are a unique mix of vintage and modern but still the classy Mary Janes with unique designs on them. Hot Chocolate shoes have alot of varieties to pick from. The reviews on their shoes are pretty good as in fit and visual, but the price for some people are a little to much. If you are a shoeaholic you will not mind the price, for I have read this lady bought several pairs because she had the money.

Breakfast Mary Janes

Breakfast Mary Janes

You have a guilty pleasure pick of from these breakfast shoes, omg! food on your feet lol! Being a eggs and bacon person, I would pair them up with a cute, solid color swing dress in Blue or Pink, add on a cute vintage necklace and throw my hair in a ponytail. I imagine the response anyone would get!

Velvet Garden Mary Janes

Honey Mary Janes


This brand have so many pretty designed Mary Janes, from Notepad design, Lady Poker, Lemon and it goes on and on. A must have for your shoe collection to pair up with your wardrobe. You can get this brand on Amazon, which I love shopping there.

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In Casual Shorts DIY re purpose clothing dresses Eye Glasses fashion Feature Re Purposing Old Clothing Read More Tote Bag Wedding Book Wedding Ideas

Casual Shorts Saturday Re Purposing Old Clothing

casual Saturday In Shorts

casual Saturday In Shorts by tipsyheelz on Polyvore

Today is such a humid day, but rather beautiful. The sun hasn't shown up but also the trees in my yard are in full bloom and so colorful. The neighbors are barbecuing, which smell so darn good. My husband is also starting up the pit. We are having chicken and baked potatoes with all the fixings. Anyways darlings today is a casual shorts kind of day. I'm not a shorts person like I use to be as a young girl when my shape was banging lol! but when I saw a fellow fashion blogger in White shorts and this cute blazer. I just had to wear some and of course it's the season to show them legs off.

Now being the creative person I am, I re purposed some Spring clothing from last year I wore to my aunt's Black and White Party. I bought a maternity blouse with long White sleeves on Amazon because I needed a blouse that could cover my bulging tummy. I also bought White leggings to match from Walmart for $5, so this woman (Me lol!) decided to dig into my closet, grab some scissors and get to snipping.

Casual Shorts

I cut the sleeves out and left over trimming alongside the arm part making it a tank top so my arms can breath in this hot weather. Next I cut my leggings and then folded them above my knee and presto! totally new short set without spending money for one. I paired with a Colorful Rainbow Rope Necklace from Amazon and wore Black sneakers.

Shop Similar
Colorful Rainbow Necklace

I had to look smart today in my reading glasses from GlassesShop. They are an awesome website to shop all types of affordable glasses. I'm wearing the Giselle Cat Eye ones in Re/ Tortoise and they are still holding up from my last review of them. Very sturdy and fashionable for a woman like me.


Short Set

Wedding book


Today is a great day to sit out in the yard in my short set, while hubby cooks on the pit and read this book I have called " Handcrafted Weddings". It has tons of ideas on personalizing your wedding or simply making something for a friend or relative. Summer time is wedding season full of beautiful dresses, Bride and guest. Soon enough I will be attending my cousin's wedding. She finally found the man of her dreams, so I'm happy for her to find true love and see her smile. I have no clue what I will be wearing, but I may just make me something to parade in lol!. The general idea of this post is that you can find old clothing in your closet or resale and make them something new. God know if I had a ton of clothes I would wear the heck out of them lol! I hope this post was a little interesting to you on your Saturday. With that being said you all have a wonderful, wonderful weekend and thanks so much for stopping by.

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In cameron diaz featured high heel shoes high heels worn by Cameron Diaz shoes of prey customized

There's Something About Cameron Diaz Heels

You may know Cameron Diaz from such movies as "There's Something About Mary", "The Mask", and recently "Annie"Which are three of my most favorite movies. I had no idea she could even sing. She's beautiful, stylish and very liked by many and also a former model. Today I wanted to find a heel that a celebrity was wearing and found a photo of her on Delicious.

When I saw the heels she was wearing I had to search the internet to find something similar but nothing until Shoes Of Prey just popped into my mind lol! The last post I made was on customizing high heels through Shoes Of Prey and this got really interesting to me. So I hopped on over to the site and start designing and wow!  I made heels exactly what she was wearing, It was easy as pie.

Cameron Diaz Heels

As you see in the photo she has on heels that are Black suede, Gold soles and Red and White pinstripes. I like the fact that I could thicken the heel stem and add in those cool designs. Wear these heels with a pair of hot skinny jeans, cute blouse of your choice and a cute clutch for a night on the town.
customized shoes of prey heels

customized shoes of prey heels

customized shoes of prey heels
I'm so happy with the outcome, they are perfect and are marvelous honey lol! If you want a celebrity styled heel, Shoes Of Prey is the place to customize it. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my post I really hope you enjoyed it.       Shoes Of Prey

Similar Heels

I now have Disqus commenting on my blog for your convenience. Check below

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In accessories casual dresses clothing Cute Tie Dye Dress fashion fashion bloggers Hollister Co. new chic clothing polyvore sandals style Tote Bag

Casual With Tie Dye And Fashion Blogger Features

I purchased the Blue Tie Dye dress from Newchic and the accessories are ideas to go with my dress. The ideas may change up, but the tote I surely want. This casual outfit is under $100 bucks Very affordable and great for the beach or the park. Add in some cute shades, tote and sandals. A flower necklace would go so cute with everything.

Today is my first time featuring other fashion bloggers and I'm so honored to share with you guys my favorite picks this week. I really love their styles and personalities and their such nice ladies.

Shelby On The Edge

I'm loving Shelby's Salmon colored wrap dress from Torrid. She's a military wife and love her about me page. I love her quote on confidence "Self confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it" Love that :) also, Lately I've been getting mine back after losing a few pounds and feeling pretty good in what I wear.
Check out Shelby's blog on this pretty dress

Lizzie In Lace

I just love Lizzie's outfits! So pretty, stylish and full of eye-catching colors. I was so memorized at the cute, ruffled blouse and frill hem skirt. I also love her accessory pair up for this outfit. Check out her blog on this fabulous attire

 Even though I'm not much of a talker like others (I wish! lol!) I try to make friends. I've always been the quiet shy type, but I'm full of love and quite the silly girl when I'm comfortable with people I encounter. I want to make a ton of blogger friends and for them to know me. I take joy of being a stay at home wife blogger, it keeps me busy and sane in a crazy world. Fashion keeps me so sane. thank you guys for taking the time to visit my blog and thank you Shelby for featuring in your post before. I still think of that and it makes me feel so important.

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In ankle strap heels Fairytale Heels Fashionable Heels high heels open toe heels stiletto heels Tipsy Heelz

Fairytale Floral Prints Open Toe Ankle Strap Stiletto Sandals


Have you ever just looked at a beautiful heel and just fantasized about it? Well for me my imagination is always going when I look at certain high heels, for these heels I feel my mind wondering off to a magical forest filled with beautiful trees and flowers, The beautiful sun rays from up above illuminating nature around me. I hear the soothing sound of a water stream, chirping birds and the giggles of little fairies in balls of light.

Click the images on these two girls
Light Yellow


Free image from Pixabay

I'm wearing a beautiful colorful flower crown around my head , I'm wearing a white long dress and I'm wearing  floral heels. I feel so happy in this place that I start to twirl in a circle and laugh, while the fairies dance around me. Wow that fantasy took me there lol! I adore this heels with  the floral details from the front and back, that would go great with a pretty dress and accessories. They come in many more colors. I hope you enjoyed my story and that I took you on the journey with me.

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In Bra wishlist Coffee cups Newchic wishlist Summer wishlist Wine holder wishlist Wishist ideas

My Summer Wishlist ideas From Newchic


Summer time is here and I have a ton of items on wishlist here and there, but one particular site I love so much is Newchic. They have so many useful products within budget and here are my favorite picks, from sexy bras to dishes and accessories.

My Summer Wishlist 

  • Nordic Minimalist Style Mug Creative Cups Ceramic Milk Tea Coffee Cups Love Cup Drinkware

  • I'm a lover of coffee and these little cups will be a cute addition to my wedding saucers I got years ago. I love the designs and each design has inspiring meaning such as Love, Peace,  Happy, Courage, and Grateful. I love sitting out sometimes in the late evening when the sun goes down and have a yummy cup of coffee with extra Vanilla cream. 
  • SaicleHome Wood 6 Holes Red Wine Racks Retro Folding European Wine Stand Hotel Kitchen Dec Holder

  • I love me a nice glass of wine I can sip on when home alone with my husband or when we have company over. I've never had a wine holder and this would go great with my tiny kitchen and decor. 
  • Women Summer Mesh Breathable Anti-UV Fisherman Hat Outdoor Travel Sunscreen Visor Bucket Hat

  • This fisher hat I've chosen will be great for when I go to Bryan Lake here in my town soon. I've always wanted a floppy hat to wear with my swimming suit and just relax by the lake, watch the water and feel the cool breeze. Bryan Lake also have entertainment from live music, to camping and eatery. I would add some shades with this girl because she looks more like a fashionable hat then a fishing hat. Comes in several colors and snaps on the sides to change the style.
  • Wireless Deep V Ultra-thin Gather Adjustable Breathable Soft Bras

  • Sexy Wireless Deep Plunge Busty Lace-trim Gather Adjustable Bra

  • Us girl can never get enough of bras, of course we must wear them to support the girls lol! Even though I don't wear a bra inside when I'm relaxed these two bras are really fashionable and cute and come in an array of colors. I've looked on the site at these and they have sizes cup C and D
  • , 38-50.
     I love a full cup bra that can hold me up in support and also look sexy for my husband. He love seeing me in sexy stuff lol! he's such a horn dog lol!. Anyway guys these great products are my wishes for the summer. Newchic have so much to look at and shop for at reasonable prices, I know because I've purchased from them and love their products. With that being said you guys have an awesome weekend! Much love and happiness.🛍

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In Classy Fashion clutch bag. Fashion For Older Women Fashion Taste high heels platform heels Sassy Fashion

Don't Let Age Hinder Your Fashion Taste

Carrie Bradshaw
Carrie is a shoesaholic! The girl has to have her heels. She has very expensive taste and I love her choices
I don't know about you, but I love that show "Sex And The City"1 and 2. Surely some of you ladies can relate to some of the women in the show. The one with the most fashion sense is Carrie Bradshaw, even though she is a book writer, she carries herself in a playful, youthful way even though she is in her 40's. I'm sorta, kinda her in certain aspects. Sometimes I love dressing a little edgy and sassy to show off my youthful side. My post on the "Kill'in It Graphic Dress Here.

I love that she mixes up her clothing patterns and oh! How sexy her heels are. Who says you have to dress 40ish just because you are 40ish? Why grow old with your age when you can live life to the fullest? I'm not saying go dress super super young with hootchy mama shorts lol! But put on a style just right for you with a little youthful feel. I've put together this collection on some of the characters in the show and I think I got their fashion just right, a young feel with some sass, elegance and sexy appeal.

Miranda Hobs aka Mom/Lawyer
Even though is a workaholic the girl can throw down in fashion when she's with her girls

She clutches with her outfits
Chole Clutch Black Cheveron

Samantha the business woman and sexual one! She's stylish and over the top personality.

Stylish Trina

I'm 42 years old and still feel like that 17 year old girl at times, especially when I have something fab to show off to you guys. I love my makeup and the cute clothing I wear and my hair do's, Oh yes! I love feeling young and will continue to be me no matter what others say about me. Dress it up girl! Even if you're a mother, lawyer, or a book writer. Don't let age determine your outer and inner self.

Here are ways that keep me young

1. Laugh! Laughter is a great medicine to keep you looking and feeling young. I love acting goofy and making my spouse and family laugh also

2. Be spontaneous, Get up and go on an adventure even though it's not out of town, Go on a fun date with your spouse. I do this often and the rush I get is so fun.

3. Dance, dancing is great! Hell, I love listening to rock music and some metal. Bob your head, swing your hips and watch how fun and exciting it is.

4. Socialize with friends, Go out and have a drink with your girlfriends. I go out with my favorite cousin and we talk about our younger days and all the crazy stuff we did in our teens.

5. Fashion, girl! Buy that outfit you always wanted to buy with that spiky belt and spiky heels lol! Getting that daring outfit you always wanted to wear is exhilarating!

 Those are the ways that make me feel young and alive. If this post doesn't make sense to you, it makes sense to me lol! Have a great Thursday :)

Check out this article on "Ways To Look Younger And Feel Great"

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In Cold Shoulder tops Dresses for Big Women featured Plus Size Cold Shoulder Dresses Plus size fashion Plus size swing dresses

Cold Shoulder Mock Neck Swing Dress

Cold Shoulder Swing Dress

The Cold Shoulder trend is everywhere! I see it on fashion bloggers and people in my town. Why is the clothing trending? Because any woman can wear it no matter the age. The shoulders are for some the most appealing body part, so why not show it off. I'm in my 40's and I've seen women older then myself wearing the cold shoulder tops. I must say it's the most beautiful sight ever. Women today wear what they want when they want and I'm behind them 100%.

Today I'm wearing a cold shoulder swing dress with a mock neck in size 3x and it fits me great. I love the Maroonish color and the fabric feel so fabulous on my skin, soft as baby's' skin. It snugs me good in my waist area to give this plus size girl some shape. Swings at the bottom beautifully. It's just above my knees to show off my legs. I use to be so self conscience about my legs because they are so thick, but not anymore, I'm always getting good compliments from my family what pretty, thick legs I have.

I didn't have many accessories for this dress so I added my Brown and Gold fringe necklace and Gold and Black Zebra sandals to make this dress more appealing. You can add other colors to the outfit to make it uniquely yours.

Swing dress


Similar Dress And Heel Ideas

A cute clutch would also go great with this dress. Yesterday when my husband was taking my photos the older gentle across the street was whistling at me lol! I must have looked hot to him lol! I was so flattered. Anyway you all have a great Sunday!

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In fashion featured Jeans and heels plus size clothing Plus size clothing ideas Tote Bag

It's A Jeans Heels And Bag Kind Of Day

It's a great day to go out and do some shopping. Lately I've been on a fashion high and decided to dig in my closet for a fun outfit look. The top is off the should to show off your beautiful skin, the necklace I purchased from Amazon for a very cheap price from a designer called QIYUN.Z 


Close up

The colorful flower tote I bought a while back at my local King Dollar. I tell you that store has a ton of useful products you can use at very cheap prices. The jeans are second hand, which I rolled up at the bottom to make them cropped. Even though I threw away my heels because I couldn't walk in them because of weight gain, I kept my White wedding heels.

Flower tote


The heels are very low and yes! I can walk in them better than the higher ones. One day I'm getting me more heels to showcase for you guys. Anyway I totally dig my look of the day. I put on minimal makeup with ink lips, little eyeshadow and eyeliner.

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Have a blessed day!

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