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Easy Peanut Butter Crunchie Dessert Bars Recipe

 Hello readers today I want to share with you a quick and easy dessert that your kids will love. If your family love peanut butter then you can make these "Easy Peanut Butter Crunchie Dessert Bars Recipe". They are so tasty and you can add whatever you want to them to make them extra yummy.

You will need a box of corn flakes,corn syrup,sugar,peanut butter and what you want to add as your own twist on the recipe. I love to add chocolate chips to give it a chocolate taste.


1/2 cup of sugar
1 cup of clear corn syrup
1 cup of peanut butter
6 cups of corn flakes
1/2 cup of chocolate chips(optional) You can add peanuts or just use crunchy peanut butter

Okay now that you have all your ingredients heat your stove on medium heat. You will need a big sauce pan to mix everything together. First pour in your corn syrup, then sugar and stir until both of them start to bubble rapidly and when the sugar is dissolved.

Take off the stove, then add your peanut butter and stir until all is mixed together. Start pouring in your corn flakes. You will need a wooden spatula to fold the corn flakes into the ingredients, Fold until the corn flakes are coated well. You then spread them into a square pan ,maybe a medium one.

Peanut Butter Crunchies
What I do to spread them out I run my hands under cold water, leaving them a little wet and spread them out evenly into the pan this way you will not have sticky hands after spreading. Let them cool for a couple of minutes, then you can start to cut them in squares and bam! you have an easy, delicious treat for the kids.

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Cool And Hip At 40 Plus

Cool And Hip At 40+

There are no limits to what you want to wear as long as you are comfortable. This plus size Killin It Graphic Lace Dress speaks to me. I've always like being versatile, so when I saw this dress on Rainbowshops it was added to my wanted list.

It has the words Killin It on it and lace up to tighten or loosen where you want it. I paired this dress with White tennis shoes and a White cap. You can wear a long hairstyle with this outfit and wear dark lips and neutral eye-shadows for a complete vibe, casual look. This dress, cap and tennis shoes is my next purchase to show case on my blog. I'm so loving showing my fashion taste and joining blog hop parties. Stay tuned to see how I'm killin it in this dress.

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In Black Blouse Black pants Cream colored flats plus size clothing shoes

OFOTD Plus Black & Casual

I wore this outfit last week and was deciding should I post it to my blog. I know it's summer time and all Black is not the case, but hey I'm me and I just go with the flow. I was taking my daughter to the doctor that day so I went in search in my closet for something simple but pretty to wear out. I picked my Plus Size Ruffled Off the Shoulder Tunic Top I bought online a while ago and paired it with some Black suede pants that was given to me. Now since I'm losing weight I couldn't believe I could fit in a size L/G. Usually I wear a size 28, but got into these pants with ease.

I recently wore my flower necklace with my sharbite dress and it went perfect with my Black pants and blouse. I added my cream colored flats to make this outfit come alive. If I wanted to dress it up more I could add in some heels and a handbag for a more dresser feel. I felt pretty good that day and the weather was pretty fair. The blouse kept me really cool since it doesn't have long sleeves. These days I'm feeling really confident in what I pick to wear and not worry about what people think. Yasss!

Check out a similar look to what I have on.



black blouse

Thank you so much for stopping by

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Celebrating Prom In Style

Prom 2017

Images are taken by me under my photography name TPhotography

I had a wonderful time taking my daughter and her friends photo's for Prom this month. Even though I'm an amuesre the pictures turned out beautiful!. My daughter asked me could I take them if they couldn't find anyone to take them, so I jumped at the chance.  This is her first Prom and her and her friends looked handsome and beautiful. They all matched in this vibrant Blue color and they got compliments at the George Bush Library.

I met up with her father so he can take his own pictures and I could tell he was so proud of her and how she is growing. They grow up so fast and when you see them all dressed up it just takes your breath away. They all had fun getting their pictures taken, even the mom of the other kids too.

Prom dress

Prom 2017

Dress Prom

Student Prom

Qinisha Prom


Girls Prom

Groups Student Prom

They all looked so glamorous, especially the young man in those fly shoes lol!

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Plus Size Printed Racerback Sharkbite Dress

Sharkbite Dress

Hey I may be 42, but honey I'm working this dress I purchased online at Rainbowshops. Today is a pretty dress day and decided to take some photos in this girl. I feel so comfortable in it and it's great for summer. I'm a big girl and I tend to sweat. Anyway I love this Asymmetrical Dress, it has a sharkbite design at the bottom and cute straps on the to bodice. It's mid length with pretty colored pattern in Color green/fuchsia and a square neck. The Material is 95% Polyester 5% Spandex.

I paired this dress with a big bold flower necklace I purchased at my local walmart and cream colored flat shoes. You can also dress up this dress with his for a more party outting.
Similar Looks

Plussize dress

I'm loving me right now and feeling very confident in this dress. I also love the back of the dress, nice backside huh? lol! This dress come in sizes 1x- 4x, Which I'm wearing a 4x. Love it and how Rainbowshops make a plus size girl like me feel beautiful and confident. Cost $9.99

Similar Flower Necklaces

For more details and to purchase this dress 



Plus Size Printed Racerback Sharkbite Dress

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In Plus Size Dress Plus size fashion Plus Size Skater Dress Rainbow Shops Skater Dress

A Mother's Mother's Day Dress

Skater Dress

As you may know I love shopping online at RainshowShops. They have just what I'm looking for and Mother's Day was the perfect day to wear this lovely dress. Lace is currently in and this dress is so pretty and breathable for the summer. I love the details such as the bell see through sleeves and the cute flare at the bottom of this Skater dress. The only thing I didn't like was the inside White lining was a little to short, but hey I received alot of compliments on this dress. Also it came with a cute fringe necklace, which compliments the dress

Fringe necklace

I also paired my old sandals with the dress and it matched with the necklace. I felt so pretty all made up and went to my home town to visit relatives. Rainbowshops is the place for a Plus size girl like me. Everything I've bought from them fits me perfect. I hope all you mothers had a special day, I did too with cards from my son and husband. Thank you so much for stopping by and don't forget to subscribe for more post.

Plus size Skater Dress
Dress purchase Rainbowshops Sizes 1x-4x. I'm wearing 4x. Comes in colors
White, Navy and Blush. Price $14.99

Image Credits

Plus Size Lace Skater Dress with Necklace

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Breakfast Diabetic Chit Chat

Good morning readers! I hope your day is going well as we move slowly to the weekend. My week have been somewhat fine. Several weeks ago I was diagnosed as a diabetic, which kind of through me off a bit, but I did have a feeling I might of had it due to being overweight and the way I was feeling. I really don't know how long I had it , but was glad I went to the doctor finally to get checked out.

I'm taking my health very serious now and I'm eating smaller portions, I cut out bread, rice potatoes and such. Mornings sometimes I have 2 scrambled eggs in olive oil, sometimes oatmeal. Dinner usually is baked chicken and veggies. I tell you it's a struggle for me at time to take medication everyday. Before I didn't eat breakfast, but now it's a lifestyle I must keep up. I'm also losing weight, I've lost 20 pounds. I weighed 350 now down to 329.6 and feeling proud. I just want to get out of the 300's and get to a more healthier weight and start feeling good. It's hard trying to find food to help level out my sugar, but I'm learning because this is new to me. Anyway you guys have a good day!

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