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Makeup Essentials Cosmetic Kit

This is my first time ever trying out Makeup Essentials brand. My husband bought this cosmetic set last week for me while out and about in town. Even though I didn't ask for this makeup, he did get it for a pretty good price of $20.  The only problem I have with the contour kit is, there isn't a darker color to contour my jawline with. Usually I use a Black eyeliner to help define my face.

makeup essentials

I just can't seem to find the perfect contour for my skin tone, but I will use this kit anyway for highlighting. I like that it's powder and not cream.

 #MakeupEssentials Brand makeup the hubby bought me last week for the price of $20.
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Posted by Trina Morgan on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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Yet Another Makeover! Natural Brown Smokey Eyes

This is what you do when you are bored and in your forties lol! Especially if you love makeup. Yesterday I did a live makeup show in my group called "The Make Up Sisters". It's very small as of right now, about 32 members so far, but hoping we will grow. We share tips, do shows as mentioned and soon giveaways. Any who, I decided to do a natural Brown, smokey eye-shadow look, Which you see in the photo with a Redish lipstick with Pink liquid lipstick for an ombre lip look.

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 too faced matte lipstick

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I used my Santee palette, Which had the natural Brown color I was looking for my look. Any of these can achieve a natural Brown eye look. I loved how my makeover turned out!

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In beauty From Frab To Gorgeous Make up sisters Makeover makeup

From Frab to Glamorous

frab to glamorous

I love the art of makeup! The way it transforms you artistically from your natural face. I was bored so I decided to make myself over. Making myself over is therapeutic when I'm bored and feeling a bit down. it's fun, like painting on a canvas, the face that is! I'm not a pro pro yet, but I think I do it pretty good. Being a woman over 40 some people expect you just to be 40 without the fun of makeup. I love bold colors for my age, but I think I wear colors gracefully.

Here you are so finished look photo's and I love them! Please check out the video on how I applied my makeup.



Makeup Used

Urban Decay Rock Hard Palette
Beauty Book Palette
Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous in 320
Fit Me Press Powder
Lipstick from my loocal beauty store in the color named Chocolate
Maybelline Eyeliner Marker
e.l.f Cream Contour
Ikate HD Powder

Shop my store for #Makeup picks

If you love makeup please join us at Make Up Sisters💟

make up sisters

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4 Top Beautylicious Facial Tips For 2017 (Video)

Beauty skin facial

These are my favorite beauty tips for 2017. You don't have to go to a salon for your beauty needs, instead they are right in your kitchen. I have tried them all and they deliver exceptional beauty benefits like getting rid of acne, reduce aging and moisturizing the skin. Check out my video

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Purchased Pants And Blouse From Rainbowshops

This is my recent purchase from They have such a cute selection of Plus Sizes, from dresses, jumpsuits, Bottoms and children items. Very affordable and matchable for my taste.

I decided on a Black blouse and Metallic pants. The pants also comes in White with flower patterns. My accessory idea is a Pink necklace and bracelet to add a pop of color. You can add heel sandals or flats to make this duo your own.

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