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A Chore Chart For Children

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Have you ever just struggled to get your children to do household chores? I remembered when my kids were at the age to start their first chore and I tell you it was a task. You have to point out what they should clean and pick up their toys Sometimes kids get a little stubborn and don't want to take part in keeping the house spiffy. Also as they grow older they really don't want to take a part because they are into games lol! I can witness that.

I've tried some things to get my kids to help around the house. I would tell them if you clean your your room, you will get a candy bag and boy did that put a smile on their faces. But after a while the candy trick stop working, I never thought of giving money for chores back then. I was on Facebook and saw a post on chores for kids with money attached to each chore to complete.

 I think this is a fantastic idea! since these days kids love money, especially to buy things they want. Now the board you see looks like something for younger children to start out with. I imagine you can up the value of the money as they get older. If you are struggling to get your babies to help then this is a great idea to get them excited about working.

 Plus this this a learning lesson to get them prepared for a job into the adult world. What do you do to encourage your children to work? Let me know in the comments. 👪

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