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Home Remedies You Probably Didn't Know About

Home Remedies

Did you know there are useful edible foods and products you can use as cures and other hacks to make life a little more easier? Well here are a few I've used personally and can assure you they work. You may have them right in your home.

1. Mustard, it can be used for minor burns. Put cold mustard on your burn, it may sting a bit but the pain will gradually go away giving you relief. Also it limits burn scares.


2. Salt and a Brown paper bag can be used together to get rid on burn mark on an iron. First turn the iron on and let it get hot, pour some salt on the iron while you are holding it. Use the paper bag to scrub the salt on the iron back and forth and the burn marks fall right off. My mother taught me this on and you don't have to worry about scorch marks getting on your clothes.


Brown Paperbag


3. Browned Flour, if you are a mother and hate diaper rash this will heal your baby's rash in no time instead of over the counter ointments. Get a skillet pour some flour and heat on low until the flour is brown. Let cool and apply to rash. Works wonders and heals in 2 days or less.


 4. Peroxide, it can be used to temporarily stop toothaches. Pour some in your mouth and be careful not to swallow. Hold it on the side where the toothache is and pain will gradually go away, Repeat if necessary but make sure you go to your dentist because this isn't a long time cure. Also peroxide is good for cleaning out dirty ears and make them squeaky clean.


I hope you enjoyed these few little remedies

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