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Season Combos For Southern Fried ChickenšŸ”

Southern Fried Chicken

There's nothing like delicious fried chicken, so in short post today I will show you my "Season Combos For Southern Fried Chicken". Many people have their own special way of adding seasons to their chicken. Some that love a kick in flavor add spices such as Cheyenne or even hot sauce. I like restaurant fried chicken but it just doesn't beat you seasoning up your own.

I use many different combo for a different flavor
(Chicken Rub & Lemon Pepper)

chicken rub and lemon pepper

Now these two are my favorite together, Which in return gives you a hint of lemon and a hint of garlic. The chicken season rub has paprika, garlic, onion and rice flour. The lemon pepper has citric acid, garlic, salt, lemon powder ect.. but doesn't have an over powering salt taste. Both are zero calories, so when I use these two, I use a heavy amount of the chicken rub.


 Other seasons I like to combine
(Chicken Rub & Garlic Salt) 
  These two are a tasty combo but with a more heavier garlic flavor. Love the way it taste on chicken
chicken rub garlic salt

(Lemon Pepper & Garlic Salt)
A hint of lemon and garlic flavor. They taste yummy but not as well season as chicken rub and lemon pepper
lemon pepper garlic salt

 There are many different ways to have a delicious tasting fried chicken. Sometimes I add an egg to the raw chicken, and mustard. Mustard gives the chicken a unique flavor and also makes it juicy. I also use chicken rub to this mix. There are many ways to combine different seasons on chicken to make it the perfect southern flavor.
fried chicken

What are your favorite seasons you use on your fried chicken? I would love to know and try something different.

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