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It's Dinner Time with Shrimp Alfredo!

Today was the first time I've ever had shrimp Alfredo. After a tiring day of working for my mother I had the craving to eat something totally different. In my household I love coming up with different foods to cook for the family, so instead of trying to get all technical with dinner from scratch I just bought the sauce. Yes! I just bought the sauce, shrimp, fettuccine and muscles.

Shrimp Alfredo
Photo taken by me

Even though the sauce I bought from the grocery didn't have any instruction on how to prepare, I came up with my own little conclusion. Boiled the shrimp and mussels together in a small pot, seasoned with garlic/parsley season. After I finished the noodles and shrimp, poured everything on top and just stirred lol!

Shrimp Alfredo
Served with croissants and it was so delicious with a hint of garlic. I loved how the seafood tasted in my dish. This was a quick little meal after working today and I got compliments on it lol!

Shrimp Alfredo

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Thank you for stopping by to read about my day and dinner.

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