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Joico Hair

I'm always on the lookout to improve my hair. Since the weather has changed here in Texas I've noticed that it has been shedding tremendously. I was approached by Joico by email to fill out an application to try one of their products so I jumped in on the opportunity.When I received the product I didn't try it right away because I was super busy with other things, so last night I tried it and loved how it made my hair feel.

Joico Hair

Joico sell products to improve hair leaving it shiny and manageable. It's also helps damaged hair, Which I have. Since I've only tried it just one time I will continue to use it to repair my hair. Before I put it on my hair was so dry and I couldn't comb through it but after it was like silk.

Joico Hair

My box came with a cute little key necklace and a hair journal to jot down the progress of the product. Check out their website for many more products and to learn more. Ooops! forgot the products are for all hair types.

Joico Hair

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