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Greyhound Bus Lines The Uncomfortable Ride

greyhound bus lines

Today's post is my little adventure on Greyhound Bus Lines, Yes adventure that was so uncomfortable. My husband and I planned for about a month to go visit some friends, which later turned out really bad visiting but that's another story I care not to share. Well we both were very excited to get out of Texas to see the big cities on our way to our destination. To start of I think Greyhound have some awesome perks for online members such as discounts and companion fares, priority for customers who pay extra for first class service.

They also have free wi-fi, individual power outlets, and extra leg room. My experience on the buses is you get wi-fi for a while but in certain cities such as New York, I couldn't even get wi-fi nor could I use my phone to text or call anyone for some reason. As soon as we left the big apple I got service again. In certain place it was useless, I was very frustrated with it. As for leg room heck no! Even though they say leg room there really isn't because the seats are still close and of course when the person in the seat ahead wants to use the recliner to lay on your lap is horrible. I'm a big girl and had to endure someone in my lap for hours.


I was uncomfortable on each bus so was my husband. Seeing other people also uncomfortable when it come to trying to take a nap arggg! no way. The seats are to low, which makes you slide of the seat, the huge arch in the seat is uncomfortable also. The seatbelt kept poking me in the tush and legs causing me pain. I twisted and turned and found no comfort at all. Now mind you we had to be on the bus for 2 days to get to our destination, my feet blew up like balloons sitting in one place for hours.

greyhound bus lines

 I was practically walking on sponges. Horrible discomfort, which I will never take Greyhound again for a trip. When arriving to our destination I was tired, miserable and in need of a bath. I slept for hours and it took 2 days for my feet to go down. I experienced the same discomfort going back home. We had a good time seeing beautiful cities we've never seen before my husband and I, but we agreed the next time we go on a trip will be in a car.

 Here are some pictures I took along the way at bus stop breaks. Sorry for the quality because I was using my cellphone

greyhound bus lines

greyhound bus lines

greyhound bus lines

greyhound bus lines

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