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Smart Skincare Choices

Smart Skin Care

Smarter skin care makes for better skin. Needless to say you need knowledge to be smart, so here are some tips on how to improve your skin’s clarity and look and feel great.

Stay Active

Exercising regularly is a great stress-buster, and according to Dr. Wechsler it helps keep the aging effects of cortisol in check. Working out has plenty of other benefits that help slow down the effects of aging, including increasing your lung capacity and circulation, staving off age-related diseases, and producing beta-endorphins that reduce the amount of inflammation you experience.

Pay Attention To What You Eat And Drink

Your skin is nourished by a lot more than the products you apply to it. Kate says that dietary habits are extremely important to maintaining healthy skin. Milk and other dairy products, for instance, should be treated with extreme caution. Hormones and other ingredients can cause inflammation, increase pore clogging, and even trigger acne outbreaks. Coffee is another problematic drink because of the way it dehydrates your skin. Try to keep your consumption down to two cups or less every day. Drinking a glass of lemon water prior to drinking coffee may also help by neutralizing the harmful acids present in the coffee.

Alcohol is best enjoyed in moderation. Keep your drinking under two drinks a day, and make an effort to enjoy red wine if you must drink. It contains resveratrol, a potent ingredient with anti-aging properties. Also, keep in mind that proper serving sizes for alcoholic drinks are deceptively small; most restaurants and bars deliver far more than the recommended five ounces of wine when you order!

Take Care Of Your Neck

Your neck often tells a more honest story about your age than your face does. That means you should make sure you don't neglect your neck in your skin care regimen. Kate's recommendation is to include your neck in your full regimen, using all of the same products you apply to your face. Massage them in moving upwards for a lifting effect. Bear in mind that, as with your face, protecting your neck from potential sun damage and keeping its skin moisturized are your most important jobs.


Kate's laid out some simple scheduling suggestions for exfoliation. In your twenties, you should be exfoliating twice a week. This rises to three times a week in your thirties and four times in your forties. The values of exfoliation simply cannot be overstated. Not only does it remove dull, dry skin but it also makes your healthy skin more receptive to skincare products. Some of the best exfoliants on the market today contain fruit enzymes for powerful, all-natural dead skin removal. Don't go too far in the quest to stay natural, though. Some exfoliation products with seeds or sharp nuts in them can cause damage to healthy skin. Remember that exfoliation works best when you do it in a hot, humid environment -- doing it in the shower is perfect. Steam makes your skin warmer and more hydrated when you exfoliate.

Acne no More is a new product that that is worth considering if you’re an individual who gets pimples or spots. Using it alongside a healthy diet and the tips listed here can help make a big difference to your skin. 

Hydrate Properly

The very best way to keep your skin healthy and hydrated is to ensure that you drink enough water. It's not just the sheer amount of water you drink that matters, though! Take a closer look at your local water supply -- the Water Department can give you a breakdown on its chemical and mineral content. You may be better served by using a purifier or a filtration system to make your water healthier before you drink it.

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