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Scarless Eyebag Removal

eyebag removal

There comes a time when you may get bags under your eyes, either by age or lack of sleep. Other factors are under eye bags can be genetic, lack of sleep or the collagen declines in the skin. For me my eyes tend to swell when I'm under a  tremendous amount of stress. For a temporarily fix, I apply cucumber slices and that usually last me for a day or two. This is where Centre for Cosmetic Singapore comes in they specialize in scareless eyebag removal. You may ask how long does the procedure last and will the eyebags come back? 

This is what I read
Will the fat deposit again and cause eyebags reoccurrences?

"The possibility of fats depositing in the same area would take about 10 years to reoccur, after the one-time eyebag removal procedure". I think 10 years is a pretty good amount of time not to have annoying puffiness under your eyes, also you will look alot younger and not so tired looking. Check out more information on their website

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