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Must Have Necklaces For Spring And Summer

butterfly necklace
Spring is here and it's that time of the season to wear colorful necklaces to add to your wardrobe. Amazon is the place to shop these beautiful yet affordable necklaces. My favorite necklace artist is QIYUN.Z, This designer China has an array of beautiful, crafted jewelry that will make you feel so beautiful when you wear necklace pieces. If you haven't read my recent post my friend Michelle bought me several necklaces from this designer and I feel so in love. My most latest beautiful pieces is the Butterfly necklace she bought me.

This necklace comes with a pair of cute butterfly wing earrings and I've gotten a ton of comments from it.  Even though they are cheap, they are very heavy and sturdy and are worth the price to wear with your wardrobe. Click on the image if you want to check out more details.

Here are more beautiful crafted necklaces by the same designer

 Past post on necklaces my friend bought me

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