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Yay! I'm a College Student For Photography

photography photo

Yes! I can proudly say that now after many years of thinking I couldn't be one. Remembering back on 2014 I was tired of doing nothing with  my life. So I posted on Facebook for family or friends to help me find information on online high schools. A long time friend put me in contact with a friend of hers that completed her diploma with Franklin Virtual High School.

 The program cost about $164, which I didn't have at that time and posted for help and to no avail, no one helped me. I was determined to pay and get started. To make a long story short about that, I passed then this year I decided to register for college as a photography student. It's challenging as heck but I'm trying my best so that I can graduate. Photography has always been something I wanted to do of course.  Maybe in the future, I'll be doing fashion and wedding photo. Well, today I decided to do some test shots with my handsome husband and they turned out pretty good. He was such a good sport lol! and he looks amazing in the shots, new beginner here in this photography thing but I know this is going to turn into something pretty awesome. Here are the shots and I'm so proud of myself for taking the steps to achieve something in life.

photography photo

photography photo

photography photo

Composite photo

This last image was my homework, it's a composite where I had to mask one image unto the next. I really hope I get a good grade for this. Anyway readers thanks for listening to me and your comments are welcomed.

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