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Homemade Lip Plumper Recipes

My Awesome Beauty DIY Lip Plumper

OK let’s face it, since Kylie Jenner’s lip challenge, we all want to get luscious and bigger lips for a more glamourous and sexy look.  There was that “stupid” glass shot method that got so many girls a weird look that was far from the result they expected. Yep, we are sometimes ready for anything to get more beautiful….

Of course, there are costly injections but there are also the possibility of using lip plumpers that are way cheaper.  But what if I told you, you could make your own DIY lip plumper?

Yeah that is as easy as ABC and it won’t cost you a fortune.

If you want to give it a try, I recommend you to go and check the article written by our beauty bloggers from myawesomebeauty.com. This article lists 15 easy DIY lip plumper recipes here

You will find there mainly recipes with ingredients that are pretty easy to find (cinnamon oil, coconut oil etc..) and way cheaper than the lip plumpers in the market.
The other good thing is that you can also tweak and change the recipes to suit your preferences.

Just to be on the safe side: make sure to pretest or decrease the amount of ingredients if you know you are sensitive. For those who don’t want to use cinnamon oil, they also have you covered as well☺ 

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