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Brighter Image Lab and Press On Veneers

Brighter Image Lab

What can Brighter Image Lab do for you?

Brighter Image Lab Reviews

Brighter Image Lab uses state-of-the-art technology to help clients improve their smiles with new
removable dental veneers. and it’s all done with no dentist. Being a woman with bad teeth myself these veneers would be a big improvement for my smile.

I've suffered with crooked every since I was a teen and I would never smile in front of my peers, so when I had the urge to smile or laugh I would just cover my mouth. You know longer have to suffer the embarrassment of smiling, you just order your impression system, make impressions of your teeth and send them to Brighter Image Lab and they will return your newly customized teeth, snap them on and you're set with a beautiful smile! And you don't have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to get it.

Check out this lovely lady

Brighter Image Lab

 Press on lab veneers  have changed her life and smile for the better. Before she felt like the gap between her teeth made her cheeks sunk in and her lips to appear thinner but now as you can see, her lips are fuller and her cheeks are not sunken in.

Brighter Image Lab Reviews

Case your Veneers comes in

Check out Kristen's Video on her Press on Veneers


Kristen veneers
Kristen's Before And After

Brighter Image Lab is now accepting applications and also offer 2 easy payment plans.

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