All Women Value Yourself! Black Or White

women united
Women United

Today I was on Facebook and came across this video, as Black women stop accepting what society thinks of you being a baby mama, thot ect.... I don't like seeing any woman White or Black degrade themselves. Everyday I'm on Facebook I see women trying to get the attention of the media, being half naked, cussing, twerking and such. You are giving the media the power to judge you based on your actions on social networks. You are a Queen, God's gift for a good man, you don't have to act in such a way to get attention. We live in a world where you are constantly watched, be that respectable woman, that loving mother, that faithful wife. That's all I have to say

Only 41% of Black women see themselves depicted as beautiful in the media.Like ATTN: on Facebook for content that celebrates all women.
Posted by ATTN: on Monday, March 7, 2016

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