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The Obsession With Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty

Many people associate Hello Kitty with children's toys and products but the fact is that some of the brand's biggest fans are adult women. Hello Kitty products include a very wide array of products from HelloKitty purses, car accessories, fine jewelry to clothing and shoes.

Hello Kitty Fashion

What makes Hello Kitty ever evolving is that the brand is constantly collaborating with other companies and producing new items. Many of these items are limited edition while others are only released for sale in Japan. Example of popular collectors items include the OPI Hello Kitty nail polish collection, a shoe line with Vans shoes, a handbag line with Loungefly and fine jewelry featuring Hello Kitty designed by Kimora Lee Simmons.

According to WeLove Kitty, a Hello Kitty blog, many fans chose to add small doses of Hello Kitty to their daily lives with accessories such as keychains, mobile phone cover and car accessories instead of decking themselves out in the brand from head to toe.

Hello Kitty's History

Hello Kitty was originally designed by Yuko Shimizu and added to the lineup of Sanrio's cute characters in 1974 and was first available for sale in the U.S in 1976. Hello Kitty is actually not Japanese but British and named after a cat from the famous children's book Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. She also has a sister named Mimmy. Hello Kitty was designed without a mouth because the designer wanted her to be a blank canvas for people to project their feelings upon.


Hello Kitty isn't without her fair share of critics who condemn her lack of mouth as oppressive and question why grown women would be attracted to a children's character. For most fans, Hello Kitty simply reminds them of their youth and symbolizes fun and girliness; two things that will never go out of style.

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