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The Best Palettes Of The Fall/Winter Season

During the Fall/Winter season, eye shadow shades get darker and lipsticks get bolder. So, close down any other visited websites you might be at and give this post a read.  This year's eye shadow palettes combine rustic hues and vintage shades of bronzed sepia, rich plums, and emerald green with earthy browns and brick reds. Smokey grays and blacks will always be a safe and popular choice, but we have also seen a few surprise additions to traditional palettes with soft pastel lilacs and pinks as well as aquamarine.
You can take your fall/winter eye makeup from day to night in a few simple steps! You should always carry a palette containing a rich cocoa brown or sparkling charcoal to take your look from natural to dramatic. Defining the outer corners of your eyes and blending the color up into the crease will create a subtle evening elegance effect. Alternatively, you can sweep a darker shade across your entire lid and complete your look with an extra coat of a waterproof volumizing mascara for a sultry effect.

Check out my picks of the best palettes of the Fall/Winter season.
I really hope that you enjoyed my picks for the best eye shadow palettes for fall! What are your favorites?

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