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Goddess Eyes Beginner Tutorial W/ e.l.f Golden Goddess Eyeshadow

I'm really loving my new eye shadow palette by e.l.f called "Golden Goddess" it's cheap but is highly pigmented. In my video you will see me add water to my brush for the Golden lid color. Adding water makes eye shadows very noticeable and shimmery. Anyway, readers this is my first guided talk through for beginners and I'm so proud of myself and extra proud of my DIY background for my channel. Enjoy, like and please subscribe:)

e.l.f Golden Goddess Palette
e.l.f Golden Goddess Eye shadow
Clickable Image to the product
 This little palette has gotten some great reviews from Amazon customers. The price there is about $6 if you don't feel like making it to your local store to get it for a couple of dollars less. Please check out the palette and judge for yourself, I really love how it looks on me. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my post. Have a great one!

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