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Cooking Is Like Therapy

cooking is like therapy

Cooking is a great way to relieve stress, and it is known to take away The boredom and insomnia. Being in the kitchen activates creativity and joy among other things. Making a meal for a loved one, who has been hurting, can mend a broken heart. Bringing a smile to a child's face after preparing their favorite meal is therapy. The Aromas, the sounds, and the whole environment make you feel happy.

therapy cooking

Cooking is a form of expression for those who love doing it. It may be fattening to cook all the time to soothe your boredom. As a child, watching mother prepare meals, like fried chicken, was so much fun and mostly favored of all time. I loved how the house smelled when she cooked it and just couldn't wait to taste it. It always made brother and I happy.

As an adult, now cooking for the family is good, knowing that it will make them happy. I love preparing their favorite food when they ask, "mom can you cook this for us." Sometimes they want to get in the kitchen and help, and that is a great feeling to know they are such helpful kids. The environment is essential when making meals. It is a mind thing to most, and it must be clean to cook well. If things are not right in the kitchen, it would mess with the emotions, and no one would feel like making food.

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Cooking has many therapeutic values such as making the arm muscles stronger or even joining a local cooking class to be social. The thought of sharing experiences with people or cooking with them is comforting. Perhaps for the disabled, this would be wonderful, especially, if they are in a wheelchair. This therapy would give them something to do and bring joy to their lives. Being in a place surrounded by people who care and are helpful brightens up the mood.

Food brings much joy to families and keeps them connected with each other, especially, when they are cooking together. Listening to music while cooking is exciting. A family should plan a meal with each other. This works well if there are disagreements in the home. The next time life gets a person down, cook because it is a healer for the soul. I really hope you enjoyed this post and your comments are appreciated

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