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All About Vintage Tommy Hilfiger

That V word tingles my toes too. Every time I hear it it gets me giddy with the thought of authentic fashions - something I’m extremely passionate about. Of course, I’m talking about the word Vintage clothing. Preloved clothes might not be everyone’s cup of tea but for me they are the epitome of unique style and eco-friendly fashion. Better yet, the kind of clothes I buy are not just Grandad Bob’s dusty sweater from the Salvation Army (although I do love a good charity hunt - it’s for a good cause and you often find hidden gems!), I prefer to indulge in vintage designer.

With a typical student budget, I really can’t justify blowing my loan on full price Vivienne Westwood – so I settle for the next best thing; preloved designer. I stumbled upon Messina Hembry earlier in the week, an online boutique that sells exactly that! It’s a lovely, easy to navigate website full to the rafters with luxury labels at prices even a skint student couldn’t refuse. I’m talking Ralph Lauren shirts for less than a quarter of their original price, Versace for the same price as a large bottle of vodka (you don’t need to go out EVERY night of the week, think of your liver) and Adidas for the price of a taxi fare to Uni (today, you can use your legs).

On the rise as an up and coming brand-to-watch, Messina Hembry have a store on ASOS Marketplace as well as their own site, making finding their pieces a breath of fresh air compared to the rails and shelves you would have to rummage through to maybe find a designer item in an ordinary vintage store. One of my favourite brands that they stock is American designer casual wear brand; vintage Tommy Hilfiger. The Hilfiger brand is preppy, effortlessly cool and premium quality with a desirable and globally recognised logo that would be considered a luxury to have hanging in your wardrobe. However, you don’t have to earn Victoria Beckham’s salary to dress head to toe in Tommy, here’s how:


 Men Vintage Tommy Hilfiger

As Spring is just around the corner, you want to be thinking about lightening your colour palette to pastels; colours you can continue wearing through the summer! This vintage Tommy Hilfiger lemon yellow shirt would be great for layering under a denim jacket in the cooler months, but with short sleeves it's breathable enough to wear on a sunny holiday! The jacket is one of those effortless statement pieces every fashionable fella’ should own anyway, it’s iconic and adaptable through seasons with the art of layering – pop the collar and make like Kenickie.

Women Vintage Tommy Hilfiger

Once again, pastel palettes are the key to taking your wardrobe from the deep neutrals of winter to the vibrancy of summer – but as this is England we’re not going to hold our breath for sunshine and lollipops (however rainbows are likely with all our rain), so this beautiful charcoal Mac jacket will layer perfectly over a long sleeved pink shirt. The colours compliment each other whilst looking smart enough for work and fun enough for a day out with the girls! Team the ensemble with a denim mini skirt which can be worn with opaque tights or bare legs to complete the full whammy of a designer vintage get up!

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