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7 Important Tips To Make An Existing Relationship Great

7 Important Tips To Make An Existing Relationship Great

Keeping your relationship fresh can be a task. Living with each other can be something that often takes the excitement out of relationships, however there are plenty of ways to keep things fresh and these are some great tips to do so.
1. Remember the things both of you did the first-year you were dating!

As the years go by, most of us get into a certain routine and completely forget about our relationships. We lose our gentleness, patience, understanding, and thoughtfulness toward our partner. Try to remember all the things that you did for your partner during the first year of your relationship. Now you need to start doing these things again to refresh your relationship.

2. Make sure you ask for what you want.

Most of us assume that our partners know us so well after some time that we don't need to ask for what we want. This is where most of us go wrong. When we live under such assumptions, expectations are set, and they are quickly deflated. These small things can stale your relationship with your partner. This is why it is important that you ask for what you want whether it be emotional, sexual or whatever wants.

3. Become an expert on your partner.

Try to understand who your mate really is and what sort of thing excites him or her. It is not what we "think" that he or she wants, but it is all about what really resonates with him or her. If your partner thinks that something is important, it doesn't have to make sense to you, but you just need to do it. Here are some goodtips.

4. Don't ask "how was your day."

Most of us would ask "how was your day" at the end on a long day. This is a boring question that will lead to a boring answer such as, "fine, how was yours?" This will do nothing to improve your relationship. In fact, you are losing an opportunity to connect with your partner even in a small way by asking such a silly question. Instead, why not ask something like "what was the most challenging part of your day?" You will get an oppotunity to better understand your significant other by the amazing answers you receive for such a question.

5. Create a weekly ritual to check in with one another.

The process begins with both of you asking each other what worked and what did not the previous week. You also can ask what needs to be done to improve things in the coming weeks. Try to get on the same page with your schedules during this weekly ritual. Plan a date night, and discuss the improvements both of you would like to see in your relationship during the next few weeks and months.

6. Keep it sexy.

What might happen if both of you decides to increase the behaviours that you find "good" or "sexy" and limit the behaviours you find "bad?" It can refer to bedroom preferences as well as behaviours that excite you about your mate in your day to day lives. Do you prefer if he/she helps you with the housework? Do you dislike it when he or she uses the washroom with the door open? Talk about your likes and dislikes if you plan to make your relationship a great one within the next couple of months. A little bit of outside input can be a good idea – why not go old school with a classic like an illustrated version of the Kama Sutra

7. Get creative with the time you spend together.

Adding a little novelty to your relationship can bring in a huge change to your somewhat stale relationship. It is high time that you break out of the traditional "dinner and movie" routine and rejuvenate your relationship with a bit of novelty. Hop on to the internet for "cheap date ideas" and you will be blown away by all the options that are available to you. Are you finding it difficult to afford a babysitter? Then, why not swap babysitting time with your friends that have kids. It is 100% free, and your friends will jump at the idea since they get to drop their kids at your place when they require it.

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