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Of Eden Beautifully Hand Crafted Jewelry

Of eden

Of Eden is a new silver jewellery label which has recently started in Melbourne Australia. Their style is quite unique
and the materials (such as the silver) that they use...well they're even more unique, we'll tell you more about that later.

They initially opened their online store to Australia only, however now, for the Christmas and New Year period
they will be shipping to New Zealand, all of Europe (including the UK), US and Canada.

The name "Of Eden" comes from where their products are made, a small village in Thailand which is like stepping
into the garden of Eden. The village makes their own silver which they then use to hand craft each item
you see in their store. Unlike common 92.5% silver, the tribe makes their silver with of purity of 95% - 99% silver.

The design of our jewellery pieces also contain a very tribal and organic look to them as they are based on the
local style of the region and tribes clothing and accessories. They believe globalization can be harnessed to empower
small community artists and artisans who would otherwise have a limited reach, and that
the richness produced by a community should in turn be poured back into it and help it
flourish in a circle of enrichment.

I just love how beautifully crafted this Fine woven Silver Bangle looks, just beautiful! Add this piece of jewelry to you collection or give as a Christmas gift this season.

Of Eden Jewelry

Buy this beautiful Bangle here Fine Woven Silver Bangle

Check out more of Of Eden extravagant jewelry pieces

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