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JosyRose Fashionable Crafts


JosyRose is a quality UK supplier of ribbons, glitter, fabric, sequins, diamante, haberdashery and crafts. They are a London based manufacturer that produces their own sequin and glitter items. When I opened the site, I went wow! Lol! As a person that has done crafts years ago, making fashionable dolls this would have been the perfect shopping site to get what I needed.

This site is a gem because they have everything you need to make those fashionable projects of yours to come alive. The glitter fabric comes in many colors and I never knew that type of fabric existed, well not here in Texas.

I love the fashion section of the site where you can make purses, fashion brooches and hair accessories. This is a crafters paradise and I think you guys should check them out.

Here is their site and Facebook

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Toya's Tales said...

I was never into crafting but my Mom and Niece are obsessed. I will send them the link to the sight so they can check it out.

Tipsy Heelz said...

Thank you Toya for sharing, I think they will love it:)

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