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AndresRoses 100% Bulgarian Rose Oil

Hello lovelies, Have you ever just smelled a Rose and it put a smile on your face? The aroma in it sets your whole mind at ease, giving you a relaxed, happy mood.  Red Roses have  the strongest smell and high oil content and can be used for fighting depression, fever and to treat wounds, even use it as a compress for your skin amongst other things.

This is 100% Pure & Organic Rose Oil, made of Rosa damascena (The queen of roses). The oil is very expensive and very rare. It takes more than 1 t of rose flowers to produce just 1 liter of rose oil. The rose oil is used in the fragrance, some of the most expensive perfumes in the world.

AndesRoses offers the highest quality of cosmetics, organic products and essential oils made Bulgaria. There company provides original and certified products for your needs. The Rose oil comes in a beautiful, luxury box and can be given as a gift to family and friends.

There are great reviews on this oil and you can "Buy From Here"

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