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Iggy Azalea Brixxton Black Heels

Iggy Azalea Brixxton Black Heels

We all may know Iggy Azalea The Female White rapper from Australia with those smooth rap lyrics and that cool wardrobe style she has.

When I first heard I'm So Fancy on the radio I said I love that song, who sings it? So I went in search of who she was and was so amazed she was a beautiful White rapper that had that slang to her voice.

That video reminded me of Clueless the movie, with school girl skirts and such. Iggy have become a well know rapper and have collaborated with Steve Madden to make heels and shoes to fit her rapper style.

These heels are hip in style, peeped at the toe and I love the netted look. Great to wear at parties or wherever with bodycons,skirts,shorts whatever your own style calls for.

Iggy Azalea Brixxton Black Heels by tipsyheelz on Polyvore

 You can purchase  The Brixxton Black Heels on The Tilted Sole

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highlatitudestyle said...

Thanks 4 linking up 2 Top of the World Style. These heels are must-haves! Have a nice weekend

Tipsy Heelz said...

Hi Nicole you are welcome and thank you for hosting:)

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