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I Have Glam Appeal!

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 Yes I do have Glam Appeal, I have another love besides high heels and that's makeup, I remember watching my mother as a young girl get all glammed up in her makeup from foundation, to lipstck but she never wore eyeshadow. I use to play in her makeup all the time and it was such fun and I grew to love makeup and how it transform you into a swan.

I started out real early wearing it in the house, which my mother didn't mind and as I got older I started getting better at it. I love watching Youtube videos of the experts that turn their faces into canvases, contouring and showing off their artistic ways to come up with eyeshadow looks.

Makeup for me is a way to express myself even when I'm feeling down, when I put it on it liven up my mood so if you are feeling blue put on some makeup and dress yourself up and it will make you feel so much better. Watch my video as I transform my face using my budget makeup. Glam on! Please subscribe:)

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Toya's Tales said...

Nice Vlog. I used to really get into experimenting with makeup when I was in my twenties. As I get older I tend to stick with the basics.

Tipsy Heelz said...

Thank you Tonya Iol I feel you on that

Glenda said...

Hi Trina! I'm always fascinated by watching make-up vloggers. I never got into wearing it, and when I do, it's always very simple. Frankly, I don't know how to apply it, other than a bit of foundation and the occasional use of eyeshadow.

Tipsy Heelz said...

Hi Glenda thank you for stopping by to comment, I still love watching them for ideas lol! I get so caught up with it

High Latitude Style said...

Thanks for linking up 2 Top of the World Style and spreading the word. I really appreciate it.

Tipsy Heelz said...

You are so welcome hun any time:)

Rebecca said...

Hey Trina, I loved this! I love seeing how people do their makeup as I am sooooo not good at it. Contouring is something I see everyone doing yet, I have never tried but want to.
And you and I are alike. You said you put on makeup when you are feeling down... I do that all the time. The husband knows when I'm having a bad day because it will be 1am and I'll be all glammed up, pissed off, crying... but looking glam makes me feel better for some reason. I don't know why.

Tipsy Heelz said...

Hi Rebecca yes makeup is like a healer, it transforms you and really brightens up your mood. One morning I put in on at 3 am and took pictures it's so fun and stress relieving. Thank you so much for stopping by to comment and share that we are alike, if you ever need someone to talk to you can email me:) glammore39@gmail.com

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